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Madeleine Dwyer

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  • Bachelor of Arts in First Nations Studies

  • Post-Baccalaureate Education Degree Program (in progress) 

Madeleine Dwyer is currently a student-teacher in the Post-Baccalaureate Education degree program at Vancouver Island University. She graduated from VIU in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in First Nations Studies, and also spent two years at the University of Ottawa focusing on political science in the French immersion stream.

Madeleine is originally from Toronto, where her passion for helping others to learn emerged when she became a peer-tutor at a young age. This passion evolved over many years through working as a tutor, working as a yoga instructor, and teaching about gardening and stewardship. She is now living in Nanaimo, however she was formally a long time resident of the Oceanside community!

Her interests and work over the past few years have included environmental education with a focus on food security, administration, teaching, music, yoga, farming, fitness, and healthy living. She strives to keep developing her knowledge and skills in these areas whenever possible. Madeleine is currently a community representative for the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region community round-table, and has been an involved community member for many years.

Madeleine is excited about bringing her enthusiasm in her diverse interests into her career as a teacher. She loves to help others in their learning journeys, especially when it comes to working through challenges and exploring their own passions and creative potential.

In Madeleine's own words:My take on the Twist relates fairly directly to the concept of personalized learning. This is about moving beyond the conventional classroom methods of the past and adapting our teaching to make it more engaging and relevant for each person. It also includes supporting the students to develop life skills and to gain insight into their own learning styles and needs.

I believe we can encourage learners to take on more ownership of their learning and provide chances to do ongoing self assessment. In my mind, the Twist may also include interdisciplinary opportunities. A few examples of this could be going outside for some nature based learning, incorporating movement into learning activities, or allowing the learner to use their own passions and interests to help guide a lesson.

I feel that critical and creative thinking, which are now included amongst the Core Competencies of the new BC curriculum, are vital instruments for life that we can develop in virtually any subject area. We as educators should offer choices, put the learner in the driver's seat, and act more as a guide than a teacher when possible. We need to build meaningful relationships, rather than work from a top down approach, focusing on open communication, trust, empathy and appreciation for what we all bring to the table.