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Darlene Patrick

Expand your World for a Happier & More Confident YOU!


  • Advanced Certificate for Teaching English As A Second Language
  • Master of Library Sciences
  • Master of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts in Russian Language

Darlene has been involved with education as a teacher/tutor/librarian for more than thirty years. As a result of her extensive multifaceted background in the United States (San Diego, Seattle, Chicago) and Canada (Edmonton and Nanaimo), she has had great success teaching and helping students across a broad spectrum of ages, ethnicities and skill levels. She is keenly aware that people have different styles for how they learn, which is why she adapts each encounter to the specific needs of her students. Her methodology focuses not only on the subject area, but also on enhancing the skills that are necessary for a fulfilling life, such as critical thinking and the ability to set priorities and organize tasks effectively. Ms Patrick has the most experience teaching English (reading, writing, vocabulary enrichment), but she is equally comfortable with all liberal arts subjects and business.

She is an extremely personable and compassionate person who believes that every individual is special and has something positive to contribute to society. Letters from many of her learners affirm that she was one of the best teachers they ever had. Happily settled in Duncan on Vancouver Island, Darlene is looking forward to continuing her career as a teacher/tutor and otherwise spends her leisure time hiking, biking and kayaking in our beautiful natural surroundings.

In Darlene's own words:The Twist in Tutoring...With A Twist is an enhanced type of teaching. Instead of targeting all the efforts to completing one particular test or project, 'twisted teaching' empowers students to succeed beyond that. In other words, students are taught the tools they need for a lifetime: better communication skills, self-motivation, critical thinking, stress management, organization and effective planning.