Our Tutors

Gitanjali Mitchell

Every Learner has Special Needs!


  • University Certificate in French Proficiency
  • BA in French (minor in Psychology)
  • BEd in French Immersion- Elementary Generalist (completed in French)
  • Graduate Certificate in Pedagogy and Leadership (completed in French)
  • University Diploma in Inclusive Education
  • MEd in Special Education (deadline for completion of Thesis: April 2019)

Gitanjali is originally from Montréal and speaks English and French fluently. She also speaks Spanish at an intermediate level. Gitanjali is a French Immersion elementary teacher and has been for 11 years. She is nearing completion of her Med in Special Education and also hold Bachelor’s degrees in French and Education. She loves teaching!

Gitanjali also has a full personal life as well. She is married and has 4 children, 3 of whom are adults living in Calgary. She also has 3 grandchildren who she visits in Calgary whenever she can. Being a Grandma is her favorite thing!

This year, Gitanjali is working in Nanaimo as a Student Support teacher, working hard with and for learners for whom school is sometimes challenging. It is important to remember that everyone has talents so even though a student may struggle in one area, that student has talents in other areas.  Sometimes it’s a case of using one’s talents to bolster areas that a little more challenging.

We are excited to have Gitanjali on our Tutoring…With a Twist team! 

In Gitanjali's own words:“When your child comes to work with me, this is how I will demonstrate the Twist in Tutoring...With A Twist:

T ~ tutoring with your chid's best interest at heart

W ~ willingness to research & find the best strategies

I ~ interesting activities/projects

S ~ stimulating the love of learning

T ~ tasks tailored to the needs of your child

Won’t you come get Twisted with me today?”