Has the dog eaten your child's homework?

homework eating dogs at dinner

With Interms just coming home at the highschool level and days off for Reporting next week, looking at your child's homework will be a great start to figuring out just where they might be ranking! Perhaps have a conversation with them over dinner about it!


Imagine if everybody replaced judgement with love. At Tutoring...With a Twist, we meet every client where they are at and re-engage their passion for learning through that!


ps=As an adult, this works for me too...just sayin!


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"The Twist" in our Tutoring...With A Twist name means that we offer more than just what one might think of as tutoring. You may perhaps think of tutoring as sitting down with a teacher working on worksheets. Although that could compromise some of your time with us, we like to work on other skills: Life Skills! You may have heard of them?! 

This picture gave me a chuckle as it is a great play on words (which of course a teacher likes) and a great life skill to be worked on! 

Make today fantastical everybody!

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BC Breaking News

HOT NEWS: Children can be enrolled course by course in home school AND public school. How awesome is that?!

VICTORIA - Amendments to the School Act introduced today will support BC's Education Plan by removing barriers to personalized learning and allowing greater flexibility and choice in terms of where, when and how students learn...

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The Top 10 Signs Your Child Needs Summer Tutoring

The Top 10 Signs Your Child Needs Summer Tutoring

(Adapted from Kelly Roell)


1. Your child’s grades were less than ideal on the last report card.

You know he or she can do better than the grades they brought home to you on their last report card or progress report. Even if the grades weren’t in the failing range, they were enough of a drop from the norm to get you worried.

2. You’ve noticed negative changes in behavior during the school year.

It could be as simple as an increased moodiness when you talk to your kid about school. Or you’re getting calls from teachers, complaining of excessive talking or disruption. You could even see signs of inexplicable negative behavior outside the arena of school – when he or she should be having fun at home, with friends or hanging out with family.

3. Your child has an increased lack of motivation.

He or she is making excuses for not doing projects, completing homework, or studying for quizzes and tests. You’ve tried bribery, begging, punishment, and reason to get your kid to care about school, but nothing seems to help. When your kid brings home a poor grade, he or she demonstrates a complete lack of concern.

4. Your child’s teacher recommended summer tutoring or other help for your kid.

Your kid’s teacher or teachers called you and asked you specifically to come to conference night. They emailed you about your child’s grades. They’ve recommended the school’s after-school tutoring sessions. They’ve sent you emails or letters regarding your child’s conduct in class.

5. Your child’s confidence and self-esteem are waning.

Your kid berates himself after getting a poor grade and complains that school is “just too hard,” or he or she “can’t do it.” Your child compares himself/herself to others in the class and finds flaws. Your child is scared of being ridiculed by friends and classmates or refuses to give the class presentation.

6. No matter how long your child spends on homework, it’s not completed.

Even getting your child to sit down to complete homework is becoming a huge burden, and when he or she finally tries, homework stretches into hours-long sessions with poor results. You end up helping your child through much of the work, or find that he or she completes the work inaccurately most of the time.

7. Your child doesn’t want to go to school anymore.

Not only is your child tired in the morning, it’s a chore to get them to go to school at all. He or she refuses to get up, complains of being sick, or makes up excuses about friends to avoid going to school.

8. Your child has an increased lack of attention.

You’ve noticed that when you’re talking to your son or daughter, his or her mind wanders off frequently or more than normal. He or she gets in trouble in class for doodling, reading other materials, talking or sleeping. No matter what you do, you can’t teach your child how to focus when studying.

9. Your child has test anxiety.

He or she has been talking about that big Science test all week. You notice a rise of upset stomach complaints or bitten nails as test day approaches. He or she doesn’t want to eat breakfast before school on test day. Despite your attempts to relieve his or her stress, nothing helps.

10. Your child is preparing to take an exam needed for entry into a specific program of study.

Your child wants to get into a great university program, and you’re not sure how he or she will score on an entry exam.

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