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Courtney Paugh — Serving Nanaimo

Engage. Enrich. Empower.


  • Bachelor of Arts,  English & History 
  • Bachelor of Education, Elementary & Secondary Certification

From an early age, Courtney wanted to be one thing—Indiana Jones! With a love of history and culture, she began her studies at Vancouver Island University in 2005. But she couldn’t let go of her passion for literature and creative writing, so incorporated studies in English into the mix. Courtney also explored her interests in education, completing her Bachelor of Education in elementary and secondary education in 2010. 

Over the past seven years, she has taught in both British Columbia and Alberta, and spent this last couple of years teaching in the UK and in northern BC.

Courtney specializes in Twistedly Tutoring in the following areas:

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In Courtney's own words:Learning is an active process, and Tutoring…With A Twist allows students to be hands on and engage with their learning. Creative and engaging learning processes that relate to an individual’s strengths or interests, not only build skills and understanding, it can also foster confidence and create empowerment!