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Sheryl Ellis

Living is Learning. So, Let's Make It Fun!


  • Bachelor of Arts in Education
  • Specialized Honours Bachelor in English Literature
  • Plus university level course in humanities, history, geography and extensive classical music studies.

Sheryl grew up in Ontario and graduated from the Concurrent Education program at York University. After her travels in Europe, she taught at the Canadian Forces Base in Germany! This lead to a position teaching English at the high school level. In all her combined years of teaching, She has taught a full course at every grade level except Kindergarten! While she is happy in the humanities, she loves the English curriculum and often seeks “Twisted” ways to learn the subject in a manner that meets the learner’s style. 

When one of her children experienced difficulty at school, Sheryl became a home-schooling teacher. She has benefited from a variety of experiences working with unique children with different learning styles and needs both in the classrooms inside schools and in home learning situations.

The new project based BC curriculum is supremely suited to Sheryl’s style of teaching. She too tailors lessons to enhance the learner’s own strengths and skills in order to build confidence and life skills, such as critical thinking and planning. She is, also, particularly fond of deconstructing the evils of essays!

Besides being a tutor for English and ESL students, she is a youth fiction writer and her family has hosted international home-stay students for years. Her favourite way to get fit is to don a helmet, 4 wheels and a zebra shirt to referee men’s and women’s roller derby. Did you know there is a youth roller derby team on the Island?! 

In Sheryl's own words:Class actually begins when you leave the classroom! I have been a teacher both inside and outside the traditional classroom, and I recognize the "Twist" component of Tutoring...With a TWIST is the learning process enabling students to build those necessary life skills that will improve their ability to thrive in any environment. It teaches them how to set goals and plan strategies leading to their independence. An example of some of my twsisted ways of teaching: For English, we researched how to safely preserve fruit. For Science, we preserved peaches. For Physical Education and Math, we sourced out a recipe for making jam. We then, calculated how many flats of strawberries were required. Next, we picked the strawberries. Lastly, we got the rest of the ingredients needed, measured the ingredients and made the jam! Who wants to work with me?!