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Melissa West — Serving Duncan, Cobble Hill, Mil Bay, Shawnigan Lake & The Westshore Area

Trust. Validate. Success!



  • Certificate in Nursery Nursing
  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Upper division)
  • Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education- Early Years
  • A Masters in Child Psychology (In Progress)

Melissa has worked with children in different capacities from the day she graduated from Nursery Nurses College in England to currently working as an Academic Tutor in Canada. She has gained thirty-four years of experience along the way!

During these years, Melissa has managed a nursery school, taught in elementary schools in England, home-schooled her own children for ten years, and has a focus of tutoring children with special needs. From this wealth of knowledge and different perspectives, we feel confident that you can put your trust in her, knowing that she will provide every opportunity for your child to achieve.

Melissa believes that teaching and learning is a shared experience so that the teacher learns as much from the student as the student does from the teacher! Working as a team, the student can realize their true potential as they have built a relationship based on trust.

Every child can be successful when their beliefs are valued and acknowledged! Every person that Melissa has come in touch with — be it  in her classroom, with her own children, and with adults and children that she’s tutored, Melissa has shown them how to believe in themselves.

Melissa recognises that each individual has something unique to offer to the world. When the student is listened to, encouraged to explore and experiment, have their voice and ideas validated then they will evolve into self-assured, self-motivated, exceptional human-beings. 

As the years have passed, Melissa has learnt that there is never one way to gain knowledge and understanding. What works for one student might not work for another. However, that is the beauty of education, the diversity of life. By providing students with the opportunities to explore a multitude of techniques and materials, incorporate their personal interests, passions, strengths and experiences, present their findings in an exciting, multi-media format; will set the student up for life and is the path to success.

And that is when Melissa at the Twisted Tutor enters the scene!

Melissa will focus on tutoring in the following areas.

  • Cross-Curricular: Grades K-7
  • Home Schooling Families: Grades K-7
  • Special Needs: Grades K-7
  • Distance Learning: Greades K-7
In Melissa's own words:“As A Twisted Tutor, I believe that every child has a different learning style and pace, each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding” (Robert John Meehan). Through our unique process, we get to know your child. Then, as your child and I build rapport, we become a united force! This sense of team make projects and learning more exciting! We will make sense of questions that have previously baffled! I love that The Twist creates the opportunity for me to share my joy in the art of learning!
Twisted Tutoring and everything it represents is my job, my passion, and my perspective on life. I’m excited for your child to get Twisted with us!”