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Alim Rawji — Serving Nanaimo & Surrounding Regions

Putting The Lit Back in Literature!



  • Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing and Journalism
  • Active member of Editors association of Canada
  • Lead Editor for Portal Magazine

Alim has been a passionate reader his entire life and hopes to inspire a love of reading to his students. He believes that there are stories out there to suit everyone and even those without reading skills can find “the one” for them.

In learning to become a writer, Alim became skilled in many different applications of the English language like reading comprehension, grammar, structure, and of course, storytelling. All of these things might sound daunting to students who struggle with English, but Alim has made it his mission to make reading and writing fun for students. 

Alim believes that every student has their own way of learning and that unique quality is what makes the difference in teaching. He wants to get to know all of his students as individuals so that he can do everything in his power to see them succeed. 

In his own time, he keeps his literary skills sharp through freelance writing and editing. He’s been a lead editor and contributor for Nanaimo’s own literary magazine Portal, for three years. Working with Portal inspired him to begin his own business in freelance editing; which he continues in his time outside of Tutoring with a Twist. Even as a new member on the professional field, he’s even worked as a primary editor on a book of short stories. 

During his Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, he mastered the elements of story through the workshop program. For four years, everything he wrote went through the evaluation and critique of his peers, teaching him perspectives and styles outside of his own. 

He’s still dreaming of writing his own science fiction novels, but wants to pass on these skills to his students as well. Alim hopes that he’ll be able to simulate these workshops with his students, fostering a community of students that can help one another to be better writers and readers. 

In Alim's own words:“The Twist means finding ways for a student to enjoy what they’re doing. No matter what the subject is, there is something in there to hold their interest. In English, where answers are up to interpretation, there’s so much opportunity for students to engage in their own way. Personalizing the experience and gearing it towards the student is The Twist. Once they find something enjoyable in the material, everything else becomes easier. Come put the Lit back in Literature with me!”