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Amanda Rotherham –- Serving Nanaimo

Building a Foundation for a Lifetime of Engaged Learning


  • Bachelor of Arts: French Language and Literature
  • Post Degree Professional Program: French Methodology
  • EDTE 619, Individual Assessment Certification, (Level B testing – Academic Assessment, WIAT ll, Woodcock Johnson lll)

Amanda brings to tutoring a wealth of knowledge and experience and a love of working with children. She began her career as a French Immersion Teacher, and has taught in the English Program as well as Core French. The majority of her years teaching was in the Intermediate Program however, she has also taught Primary grade levels and briefly grades 8, 9 and 10 Core French.

Amanda’s philosophy of teaching is deeply rooted in setting children up for success. She believes that learning can be made fun. She also believes that by teaching children to be accountable for their own learning and by giving them the tools to problem solve, they become confident and able to move forward in their education. With the right tools, they are able to proceed in a positive and self-fulfilling manner. Amanda understands that children need to have agency and to be responsible for their own learning. It is in allowing children the freedom to investigate, that they feel pride in their accomplishments. This allows children to develop interest and the curiosity to proceed independently.

Amanda is conscious of setting ability appropriate goals for children and providing them with the guidance to proceed. Beginning with what the child already knows and advancing the goal posts accordingly, allows for growth and a love of learning. She has an in-depth understanding of teaching to the diverse learning style or styles of each child and is well versed at teaching children how to access appropriate materials.

Amanda enjoys many hobbies, including sewing, knitting, beading and making her own creams and lotions. She loves to travel and is an avid reader, cyclist and hiker.

Amanda will focus on tutoring in the following areas:

In Amanda's own words:"The Twist is about having awareness of oneself and of the position one holds in the process of being a learner at any age. By engaging in one’s own learning, one becomes accountable for oneself. The learner is able to view more objectively the process of learning, thereby allowing for choice with respect to how to proceed with any task. Offering The Twist, is about incorporating mindfulness into the learning process.”