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So Many Possibilities....With A Twist!


  • Bachelor of Education 
  • Masters of Education, Leadership and School Improvement

While always a fan of taking on new adventures, both in real life and by diving into a good book, it was her daughter’s first day of kindergarten that made her truly understand what she wanted to do with her life. The energy and enthusiasm bounced off the walls as the kids eagerly anticipated learning new things and meeting new people. So many possibilities!

Prior to Dale’s move to Vancouver Island, she had a successful twelve years of teaching all subjects at the middle school level, implemented research-based initiatives to facilitate learning, and participated in designing cross-curricular activities for K-12. Dale also taught a university-level online business communications course where students developed skills with written communication, conflict resolution, presentation creation, and academic writing.

Dale’s experience with adolescent and adult learners, as well as her own children, has given her a strong understanding of critical thinking, assessment, differentiated instruction, problem-based learning, multiple intelligences, different learning styles, and core literacies.  Both research and experience, have shown her that variety in teaching styles, learning tools, and physical space have shown to be effective at meeting diverse student learning needs and increasing engagement.

Dale continues to set a new learning and activity goals (adventures) each year. The most recent was to hike the iconic West Coast Trail. Since neither she nor the people she convinced to do it with her had previous experience with such an intense hike, there was a lot of preparation and a huge learning curve. It was seven days and six nights of carrying everything they needed on their backs as they climbed up and down the 107 ladders, crossed the 77 bridges and “bridges”,  and slogged through mud, roots, and sand. They were awed by the scenery, met interesting people, and survived. Dale firmly believes in self-empowerment through setting personally meaningful goals and putting in the work to achieve them.

Dale specializes in Twistedly Tutoring in the following areas:

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In Dale's own words:"I am a huge advocate of life-skills-driven, project-based, real-life relevant learning. This kind of learning opportunity helps us learn more about ourselves and make connections to the world-at-large. Student choice, personalized learning, practicing goal setting and experiencing success, result in sparks of understanding and pride in accomplishment. As that recipe is repeated, confidence, self-determination, and curiosity grows. It is magical. The possibilities are endless!”