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Laurel Dundee

Let’s be curious together!


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Illustration (Emily Carr University of Art and Design)  

Laurel grew up in North Vancouver, where she pursued an arts education at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. After graduating in 2018, she’s done a number of small art jobs and volunteered with animal wildlife sanctuaries where she got to teach the public about birds of prey. Her time collaborating with her peers at school and her experience with teaching through volunteering have inspired her to be a teacher and tutor. Laurel finds the action of sharing what knowledge she has and helping others to be just as beneficial and rewarding to her as it is to the people she’s teaching. 

Throughout Laurel’s time at university, she encountered good teachers and bad teachers, and the good teachers really did make a huge impact and difference for her.  She strives to be a good teacher for other students, and to positively shape their learning experience. For her, a good teacher is someone who guides the student down their own path of learning, instead of trying to impose their own way of doing things upon students. Laurel believes that learning should be fun and that being curious should be encouraged as much as possible. Laurel also believes that making mistakes is a part of the process and should not be met with criticism but with patience and kindness. After all, everyone makes mistakes or as we say at The Twist, “miss takes”!

Despite common conceptions about artists and math, Laurel loves math and is only somewhat embarrassed to admit that she plays math games online in her free time. She knows that math is something that many students, and certainly many of her school peers, dreaded and found confusing and stressful. Laurel is confident that her love of math will shine through and help her students find their own way of loving math, and that it can become a subject they enjoy and find rewarding.

Laurel would love to tutor your child in:

  • Math: Grades 1-8
  • Art: Grades 1-12
In Laurel's own words:"I believe that everyone learns in different ways, and that all of those ways should be encouraged! When learning becomes enjoyable, it can send you down a whole bunch of exciting pathways to finding out more about the beautiful and wonderful world we live in. "