Our Tutors

Blue MacLellan

Learning with Passion and Creativity!


  • French Immersion Diploma
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (1st Year)

Blue currently lives in Victoria and grew up in North Vancouver, where he attended Elementary and Secondary School in the French Immersion program. Blue has always had a love for stories; he has written novels and scripts and collaborated with other students to write, direct, and act in school plays all throughout high school. He has mentored students in grades 8 to 11 in Drama, Creative Writing, and Visual Art. He has also tutored elementary school students in French and English, with an emphasis on using storytelling and creativity to engage his students’ language skills.

Since working with Tutoring…With A Twist, Blue’s area of expertise has been focussed on helping those with online courses. He makes it manageable and enjoyable, and he gives his students the confidence to believe that they can do it.  (See the heart in our Twisted Process.) The course completion rate is 100%!

Blue is also passionate about science, especially marine biology. In 2018, Blue began volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium as an educator in the wet lab. He taught students from kindergarten to grade 12 about marine biology and ocean conservation using props, diagrams, and live animals. He also handled intertidal animals such as crabs, urchins, and mollusks so that students could touch and interact with them. Blue came away from this incredible experience with a new, visual, and hands-on approach to teaching; and, most importantly, he learned how to use his passion (litmus strip) for a subject to inspire students.

Blue has learned from his own experience that it’s easiest – and most fun – to learn about a topic you find interesting. He strives to teach in a way that is engaging and inspires the same level of enthusiasm in his students. He also approaches tutoring with patience and understanding; he believes learning is a process of trial and error filled with lots of “miss-takes” (see the clapperboard i in our Twisted Process), and that everyone learns at their own pace. Above all, he wants to encourage students to find a learning style that works best for them!

Learning Style Scores:
Visual: 8
Auditory: 2
Kinesthetic: 7

Favourite Movie: Princess Mononoke

Favourite Book: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Blue would love to get Twisted in the following subjects!

  • Online Learning: All Subjects & Grades
  • French: Grades 3-12
  • French Immersion: Grades 3-10
  • English: Grades 3-12
  • Social Studies/History: Grades 3-12
  • Science: Grades 3-10
  • Math: Grades 3-8


In Blue's own words:"To me, The Twist is that tutoring can go beyond teaching academic subjects – it can also foster confidence and enthusiasm in learning, and help students acquire life skills. It’s an opportunity to set students up for success; not only in school, but in their lives in general!"