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Carole Beaupre

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  • Bachelor of Education (University of Victoria)
The world is there to experience. “Have less, do more!” is Carole’s life moto.
She is an endless learner who finds everything around her to be fascinating! When she is able to transfer her knowledge and see success in her delivery, she feels like a lifelong learner and proud of herself and those that she is working with. 
She is university educated and also sees her constant curiosity of the world just as educating as her bricks and mortar education! As well, she takes on new learning experiences of her own. These experiences are mostly sport oriented.  She does something she’s never done before so she can reflect on the whole experience from learning what is being taught and looking at what she is going though, thoughts and feeling wise, as she goes through these experienes. She finds those thoughts and feelings span from confusion to frustration to too much information to not enough time to practice, to fear and the list goes on. As a beginner, she again once understands what it’s like for students that may also be going through that.
She would love to tutor any subjects at the Elementary level. She is qualified to do Math up to grade 9 and being that she is a native French speaker she can tutor at any level French. She has also a good background in Spanish conversation!
In Carole's own words:"I am a strong believer that the student comes first and that each come in with a different set of skills, knowledge and confidence. I must, as a Twisted Tutor, be aware as to what the student knows in order to pick up from where that are in their learning. I also must use creativity as I understand that each student will have their own unique way of learning. I believe a student needs a tutor to support and guide the student into the discovery of concepts. Thinking of a twist, it rings in my head to create, watch my student and lead them to discovery in a supportive environment that I will create to achieve the curriculum objectives. Therefore if one way of presenting the information doesn’t get the result, the tutor must try an other way."