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Vancouver Island Regional Library, Duncan Branch

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Tutoring…With A Twist provides world-class tutoring services in Duncan, the surrounding area, and several other communities on Vancouver Island. Our tutors are local educators with experience in an array of subjects, including the updated British Columbia curriculum. Best of all, our tutors adapt their teaching style to match your child’s learning style, personality, and interests.

We have several tutoring formats, including private lessons and small group sessions, allowing you to choose the style that works best for your child and family. Most of our Duncan tutoring sessions occur at the downtown VIRL branch (in the Island Savings Centre) but we also have home-based tutoring for families that prefer this option.

So, what makes us different? We guarantee success beyond the classroom! Twisted Tutors focus on so much more than improved grades—we adapt our learning plans to embrace each student’s unique personality and develop strategies that help improve life skills and overall academic performance, in addition to the core learning objective.

Tutoring Subjects

Our tutors in Duncan are experienced in many tutoring subjects, including:

Our students come to us with one or more focus subjects in mind, but we do so much more. We teach our students to love learning and that love isn’t contained to a single subject area. Instead, Twisted learners learn skills that help them succeed not only in the classroom but also in life itself.

Meet Our Duncan Tutors

Our tutors are amazing people who are passionate about helping people succeed. They are advocates of the Twisted philosophy and are happy to toss away traditional learning methods when they aren’t effective in favor of new strategies that work.

At present, we have the following tutors in Duncan:

Duncan Whiskin – Duncan, BC









Degree of Education
Advanced TESOL Certification

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Melissa West – Duncan, BC

Certificate in Nursery Nursing
Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Upper division)
Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education- Early Years
A Masters in Child Psychology (In Progress)

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The Twisted Tutoring Difference

Tutoring…With A Twist isn’t like other tutoring agencies. We’re a local business that’s headquartered in Nanaimo and employs the best tutors in Duncan and other communities across Vancouver Island. We have successfully provided tutoring services to the island for over 10 years and have proven that our Twisted methodology works!

Our Twisted tutoring services always begin with the creation of a unique tutoring plan designed just for your child. We’ll meet to determine your student’s learning style, talk about interests and natural passions, and develop a personalized learning strategy that will help reach all the tutoring objectives.

This strategy will help your student:

  • improve core subjects
  • enhance confidence when faced with challenges
  • develop skills that are critical to success in everyday life
  • discover the benefits of planning & organizational skills
  • improve self-discipline and communication
  • become self-motivated & invest in their own success

Tutoring…With A Twist currently has tutors available in Duncan and the surrounding areas. We would love to connect with you!

Twisted Tutoring Testimonials

My Twisted Tutor connects with me, is knowledgeable about the subject he’s teaching me, and really helps me prepare for tests (which helps my test anxiety).”
JZ, High School Math Tutor

“I love how my Twisted Tutor used the things that I LOVE, to help me learn. It was very helpful to get me to like and understand the material. Other students would really like my tutor because she has a sweet personality and is very open.”
GB, Elementary Student

My Twisted Tutor believed in me. She knew I could do it so then I knew I could do it. Also, she was fun which made learning fun. She also taught me that if I did the harder work first, I could reward myself with doing something I loved.”
– DF, Homeschooled Elementary Multi-Subject Student

“Our daughter had a lot of anxiety about school, especially math. Our Twisted Tutor was able to teach our daughter in a kind, patient manner that not only resulted in the grades we wanted, but in my daughter understanding and actually enjoying math again.”
– AD, Parent of High School Math Student

“I have already recommended Tutoring…With A Twist because I could see the difference when my son was taught how to study. We love our Twisted Tutor and cannot wait to see her again.”
– DF, Parent of an Elementary Math, Science & French Student

Connect With A Twisted Tutor

Take the stress out of your search for a tutor and connect with us today! We will work with you to find the best possible tutor for your family and develop a plan for success. If you’d like to learn more about our tutors in Duncan (or beyond), simply let us know:

If you live outside the Duncan area, please give us a call at 1-866-977-4433 or fill out our contact form. We have talented tutors across Vancouver Island and are happy to help!