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Jackie Mustafa Ahmed

Live, Learn, Laugh!


  • Masters of Applied Linguistics (University of Ottawa)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Linguistics & Criminology (Simon Fraser University)
  • Restorative Justice Practitioner Certificate

Jackie was born and raised in Duncan, B.C. on beautiful Vancouver Island. From the beginning, she always had a strong sense of curiosity and inclination for justice. These drove her to pursue higher learning, and she went on to study criminology at Simon Fraser University. After her first year of studies, Jackie took her first linguistics class and found a new spark of curiosity for language. She found that her two interests were very much intertwined and enjoyed taking classes in both disciplines. Because of this, she knows it’s always possible to blend a student’s out-of-school passions (see the litmus strip in our Twisted Process!) with what they’re learning in school, greatly enhancing their educational experience.

During a practicum semester of her undergrad, Jackie fulfilled a role at the John Howard Society as a Restorative Justice Practitioner. This was a profound experience for her because, as she was working directly with victims and offenders, she participated in very meaningful conversations of reparation. Through this exposure to various conflict situations, her compassion towards people and their unique hardships grew immensely. She now brings these unique skills and experiences to the world of tutoring where she can help her students better understand themselves and find the confidence they need to succeed.

Jackie has a degree from Simon Fraser University specializing in Linguistics. For fun (!), she also took additional courses in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

Jackie and her husband moved moved to Ottawa for Jackie to enrol in a Master’s program in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies at Carleton University. She has developed a desire to teach and research language studies by combining her desire to help others and her passion for linguistics.

As a twisted tutor, she has been successfully imparting her passion for education to her students, enabling them to also reach for the stars! (See the star in our Twisted Process!)


Learning Style Scores:
Visual: 8
Auditory: 2
Kinesthetic: 7

Favourite Movies: Hunger Games Series
Favourite Books: Hunger Games Series
Favourite Broadway: Wicked

She’d love to get Twisted with you in the following subjects:
In Jackie's own words:“What The Twist means to me, is that the students receive guidance that is not just applicable to their immediate assignment, but applicable to their sense of self, motivations, and their life skills. The student will learn transferrable lessons that will have a positive impact on their happiness, dreams, mindset, passions, attitudes, actions, and goals. Importantly, the student’s well-being is prioritized through wholesome lessons, a demonstration of determination, and a strong connection with their support system."