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Meghan Roe

Let’s Learn Together!


  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (University of Alberta)
  • Mindfulness and Yoga 
  • Yoga Teacher (Moda Yoga)


Meghan grew up in Nanaimo, BC and has always felt very lucky to be from this beautiful island. She moved out to Alberta in 2013 to pursue her goals in Education and Volleyball in University, and returned to the Island after graduating in 2017 with her Bachelor of Elementary Education. Since then, Meghan has worked with the Nanaimo School District as a Teacher on Call in a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. Meghan is passionate about helping others with all kinds of learning, and is happy to work with all ages of students. She’s pursuing further credentials to be a fully certified high school teacher as well!


Meghan’s goal was always to work in a field where helping others was at the forefront. She chose education because she loves helping others learn, as well as learning herself from the brilliant minds of young people! She believes that the learning process is not simply about imparting knowledge unto others, but sharing in knowledge, exchanging ideas, stories, passions, experiences and truly learning together. Meghan’s approach to teaching is more of a “guide on the side” as opposed to a “sage on the stage” because she knows that the student’s knowledge is just as valuable as the teacher’s. Meghan believes in teaching and learning strategies that encompass the student as a whole person; their interests, learning styles, prior knowledge, experiences and everything else that is a part of who they are.


Amongst Meghan’s genuine motivation to help others learn, she found a deep passion for the practices of Mindfulness and Yoga in 2018. Since then, Meghan has been incorporating these wellness practices into her school-teaching for herself as well as her students to cultivate greater focus, awareness, open-mindedness, and compassion for oneself and others. In 2020, Meghan trained to become a Yoga Teacher through Modo Yoga and since then has been enthusiastically sharing these practices with others as often as she can. Meghan strongly believes that this ancient wisdom can be accessible to anyone, and that every person’s wellbeing can benefit from learning about and practicing mindfulness. Meghan would be thrilled to teach students how to use these practices to help aid with any stresses or anxiety from school or elsewhere, or even just to benefit their overall wellbeing.


Meghan would love to tutor in the following subjects:

  • English/Language Arts (K-12)
  • Social Studies (K-12)
  • Physical/Health Education, Career Life Education, Home Economics (K-12)
  • Science (K-7)
  • Elementary Math (K-6)


In Meghan's own words:“To me, the Twist is about teaching from a whole-person perspective so that we can create learning experiences that encompass the individual’s interests, strengths, and preferred learning styles, to guarantee students will reach their goals!”