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Alvina McGee

Teaching For The Future!


  • BC Certified K-12 Teacher
  • Bachelor of Education (UBC)
  • Bachelor of Arts; English Literature and Creative Writing (UBC)
  • BC Certificate of Graduation: MYP and IB Diplomas

Alvina grew up living between Hong Kong and Vancouver, British Columbia. She spent the majority of her elementary years in Richmond, British Columbia where she was always getting in trouble for taking the expression “question everything” a little too far. Noticing this, her parents realized that she needed a more inquiry-based mode of learning to be successful (as well as to stop getting letters from administrators!). So, Alvina moved to Hong Kong where she completed her International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) and IB diplomas. Driven by her curiosity and her love for writing, Alvina later completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia with an emphasis on English Literature and Creative Writing.

During her years in university, Alvina discovered her love for teaching as she began tutoring and volunteering as a teachers’ assistant at her high school. Alvina is able to “click” intuitively with all of her students as, due to her diverse educational experiences, she is able to relate to where her students are on their career paths.

In addition to the subject matter, Alvina’s students are taught to explore the crucial questions of how and why they learn. Alvina’s students come out of lessons energized with a sense of excitement and curiosity to learn more. While Alvina herself got in trouble for questioning everything in school, her students are highly encouraged to do so!

Alvina believes in the process and the product because one cannot do without the other. Through a problem-based approach, Alvina seeks an interesting and relatable way to engage students in finding a problem they are genuinely passionate about (See the litmus strip in the Twisted Process.). With a clear goal in mind, Alvina guides students through the hands-on process of independent problem solving by emphasizing life skills and the process of trial and error. (See the target in the Twisted Process.) At the end of the adventure, Alvina helps students reflect on their learning and extrapolate their new knowledge and skills into other areas of life. (See the star in the Twisted Process.)

ps=You can also catch Alvina on our YouTube channel reading & demonstrating fun activities in videos entitled: Family Fun Fridays!

Learning Style Scores:
Visual: 8
Auditory: 10
Kinesthetic: 12

Favourite Movie:
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Favourite Video Game:
Rune Factory

Favourite Book:
Brave New World

Grades and Subject Areas:

Language Arts/English: Kindergarten- Grade 12

Math: Kindergarten- Grade 10

ESL/ELL: Kindergarten- Grade 10

Social Studies/History: Kindergarten- Grade 10

Biology: Grades 11 & 12

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In Alvina's own words:"To me, the “Twist” is the unique and personal part that is essential to learning. Different people learn, teach, value, and are passionate about different things in different ways. The best way to learn is to find out about someone so that you can effectively reach them."