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Sandra Pruss (Substitute Tutor)

Learning is transformative, it changes lives!

Subjects Taught:


  • Bachelor of Education, French Major
  • Mental Health Training, Specializing in understanding Anxiety and Depression: signs and symptoms, crisis management, techniques for maintaining mental health (such as mindfulness and meditation)
  • Juggling 101 

With passion and curiosity, Sandra has taught in many settings: on a Native reserve, at an inner-city school, in an isolated rural community, and at a private school. The diversity of learners she encountered led Sandra to develop a natural “twist” in her teaching abilities, as what she did in one setting didn’t necessarily work in another. Due to her passion and curiosity, she was able to creatively meet each learner’s needs as well as relate these needs to their families and other work colleagues. The result was a bunch of happy, confident students! (See the smiley face in our Twisted Process.)

Sandra has honed her skills and is now, in addition to twistedly tutoring kids of all ages, designing and delivering workshops for adults. She has done this for adults online all across British Columbia. She currently works as an Education Coach for adults diagnosed with a mental illnesses. Sandra supports these adults as they prepare for college and university so they can hit their “targets” and achieve their wildest dreams. (See the target in our Twisted Process.)

Sandra enjoys hiking with her dog Gladys and swimming in the multitude of oceans and lakes that surround her. Reading, cooking with garlic, and eating chocolate are a part of Sandra’s routine. While chocolate might be a part of tutoring, don’t worry, garlic won’t be! She loves cycling with her partner and spending time with friends at live theatre and poetry readings. The adventure never stops with Sandra as she has had all sorts of experiences while traveling. When in Africa, she petted lions and zebras, and while in Alaska, she enjoyed white water rafting. Feel free to ask her about these adventures!

Learning Style Scores
Visual: 11
Auditory: 7
Kinesthetic: 10

Favourite Movies:
Dead Poets Society, The Shawshank Redemption

Sandra will focus on tutoring in the following areas:

In Sandra's own words:"The Twist is what learning is all about....discovering the best way to engage the learner and then providing lessons that are academically challenging and that enhance life skills. Offering The Twist ensures the learner is preparing for life as a confident and competent individual. One such time was hearing from one of my Twisted Learners: ‘I FINALLY understand French as my Twisted Tutor made it fun! She had me post stickies with the French word on every single item in the house. Beyond that exercise, I could tell she cared about not only my education but about me as a person!’ Who wouldn’t want to Tutor...With A Twist when you receive that kind of feedback?!
Learning changes lives, it creates opportunities, and it is fun! I believe every learner can experience success and that anything is possible, with a bit of guidance and an investment of time and effort. Join me at Tutoring...With A Twst and together we will work towards your success.”