Our Twisted Tutoring Team

Our Twisted Team is passionate and invested in each of our Twisted Learner’s successes and failures. Our Twisted Process is transparent, as are our fees. We go above and beyond for every Learner. This is not just another tutoring business, but it is  also a way of life!

All of our Twisted Tutors have Criminal Record Checks and most are certified teachers. We have specialty tutors for those with specific needs: higher level maths, languages, and special education, to name a few. We are flexible with our locations and scheduling!

Our Twisted Tutors do not work in isolation: therefore, they always have a team behind them to offer support, which means your children have that same team behind them.

We are pleased to introduce the following tutors to our ASTC Tutoring…With A Twist Team. Each of them bring a wealth of knowledge and an amazing amount of energy. You will see by the following biographies and tutors’ own words about “The Twist” that each individual brings their own uniqueness and set of talents!

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PS:  If you are interested in joining our Twisted Team, we would love to hear from you as we are always looking for Twisted Tutors! Please review this page to see if you are a right fit for us and if we are a right fit for you!


Meet Our Tutors

Melissa West – Serving Duncan, Cobble Hill, Mil Bay, Shawnigan Lake.

Trust. Validate. Success!



  • Certificate in Nursery Nursing
  • Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Upper division)
  • Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education- Early Years
  • A Masters in Child Psychology (In Progress)

Gaylia Lassner – Serving Langford, Colwood & Saanich

Committed to Creating Life-Long Learners!


  • Certificate of Music Education                         
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Entrepreneurship      

Brianna Phillips – Serving Nanaimo & Surrounding Regions

Find in the Fun in Falling: Learn to Fall, Fall Better, Fail Best!


  • Social Service Worker Diploma 
  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (in progress)
  • Crisis Intervention & Management Training 
  • Trauma Informed Care Training
  • Stress Lesson Tool Kit for Teacher & Parent Training 
  • Kidding Around Yoga & Mindfulness for Childern

Amanda Rotherham – Serving Nanaimo and Surrounding Regions

Building a Foundation for a Lifetime of Engaged Learning


  • Bachelor of Arts: French Language and Literature
  • Post Degree Professional Program: French Methodology
  • EDTE 619, Individual Assessment Certification, (Level B testing – Academic Assessment, WIAT ll, Woodcock Johnson lll)

Sandra Pruss – Serving Colwood, Langford, & Saanich, BC

Learning is transformative, it changes lives!


  • Bachelor of Education, French Major
  • Mental Health Training, Specializing in understanding Anxiety and Depression: signs and symptoms, crisis management, techniques for maintaining mental health (such as mindfulness and meditation)
  • Juggling 101 

James E. Baker-taylor — Serving Nanaimo

Education… The Endless Journey



  • Bachelor of  Science, Biology
  • Bachelor of Education, Secondary Education (completion Dec 2018!)

Donna Cullon-Lamb — Serving Nanaimo

Let’s Twist those Challenges & Interests into Achievements!


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Earth and Ocean Sciences 
  • Masters of Science, Environment and Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology
  • Bachelor of Education, Secondary Education (in progress)

Dale Jensen — Serving Nanaimo

So Many Possibilities....With A Twist!


  • Bachelor of Education 
  • Masters of Education, Leadership and School Improvement

Courtney Paugh — Serving Nanaimo

Engage. Enrich. Empower.


  • Bachelor of Arts,  English & History 
  • Bachelor of Education, Elementary & Secondary Certification

Catherine LaMarche – Serving Colwood, Langford, & Saanich, BC

Achieve Success on a Joyful Journey!


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics specializing in Physical Activity and Health

Certifications in:

  • French as a Second Language
  • General Math
  • Social Studies & Sciences
  • Reading & Writing
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Special Education (in progress)

Erin Holmes — Serving Nanaimo & Surrounding Regions

An Energy & Passion Like No Other!


  • Bachelor of Education, Specializing in Program & Course Development & English as a Second Lanugage (ESL)

Doreen Sayer — Serving Nanaimo & Surrounding Regions

A Wealth of Experience!


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters of Arts, Curriculum Development

Don Gow — Serving Nanaimo & Surrounding Regions

Building Relationships of Trust!


  • Bachelor of Education, Minor: French
  • Credits also in Statistics, Linear Algebra Pascal Programming and Calculus