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Rajat Shanbhag

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  • Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering (The University of Kansas, USA)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India)

Rajat was born and raised in Bangalore, India. As a child, he was a keen learner and an observer who spent his time breaking apart toys and putting them back together. Always curious to know how things worked, he followed his passions and earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology. Fueled with a hunger to learn, he decided to pursue a Master’s Degree from The University of Kansas, where his love and reverence for science only grew deeper. Upon graduation, he spent the next five years in the Aerospace and Automotive industries, where he designed and engineered airplane wings and car engines. He had reached for the “stars” (see the star in the Twisted Process!) and was living his childhood dream!

While engaged in his Graduation and Post-graduation studies, the passion (see the litmus strip in the Twisted Process!) for teaching arose in him, and he got actively involved as a graduate teaching assistant at the university. He taught science, mathematics, and engineering courses to high school and undergraduate students. As he taught his students (and learned a lot from them too), Rajat’s foremost interest became the finding of an innate connection between different concepts, and this led him to take up an internship at the Spencer Museum of Art. Here he leveraged the museum’s collections to integrate science and arts in the non-art curriculum. He introduced new ways of object-based learning through art for science and mathematics, and he brings this same creative approach to tutoring.

Rajat is an artist at heart and currently divides his time painting, teaching, and exploring landscapes. As a learner/teacher, he is a firm believer in the philosophy, “Given the right tools, curiosity ignites within one.” With his diverse learning and teaching experiences, he can connect seemingly disparate ideas and concepts, making learning a fun and wholesome process. He believes that the best part about teaching is the pursuit of open inquiry-based learning for all the parties involved, and he strongly encourages his students to ask as many questions as possible.

ps: You can also catch Rajat on our YouTube channel demonstrating how to paint!

Learning Style Scores:
Visual: 12
Auditory: 5
Kinesthetic: 5

Rajat would love to tutor your child in:

  • Math: Grades 6-12, University Undergraduate Courses
  • Science: Grades 7-10
  • Chemistry: Grade 11-12
  • Physics: Grades 11-12, University Undergraduate Courses
In Rajat's own words:"The Twist stresses personalized education, where education is to be considerate of one’s entire being and not as disconnected parts. The Twist emphasizes social skills, mental and physical health and considers them as vital as academic training. Every student’s needs and interests are different. By providing personalized training and an academic plan, a student can find a platform where they have the freedom to express their curiosity, enhance their interpersonal skills, and develop being accountable to face challenges."