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Meet our talented tutors in South Cowichan, BC!

Vancouver Island Regional Library, South Cowichan Branch

Tutoring…With A Twist provides tutoring services in Shawnigan Lake, Mill Bay, and Cobble Hill, as well as many other Vancouver Island communities.

Our local tutors are trained educators with experience in a range of subjects, including Math, Science, English, and more. Each of our tutors is familiar with the new British Columbia Curriculum and is prepared to teach it in a way that makes sense to your child.

Our tutoring services are available in several formats, including small group sessions and one-on-one lessons, which allows you to choose the style that works best for your child and family. We typically tutor in the student’s local Vancouver Island Regional Library branch, but we can also arrange private in-home lessons.

We Guarantee Success Beyond The Classroom

Tutoring…With A Twist is known for our personalized approach to learning that guarantees success beyond the classroom. Our tutors adapt their lessons and teaching methods to match each student’s unique personality, passions, and learning style. As a result, our tutors “speak the language” that makes the most sense for the student, which improves their academic performance, life skills, and ability to thrive.

Tutoring Subjects

Our tutors in Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, and Mill Bay can teach in many subjects, including:

Many families work with us because they want to improve one or more core subject areas, but our team does so much more than improve grades. We teach Twisted Students how to love learning, improve confidence, and build critical skills that will serve them for life. (This is where the Twist comes in!) This unique tutoring approach helps us meet immediate goals, while also setting students up for lifelong success.

Meet Our South Cowichan Tutors

Twisted Tutors are phenomenal people who are dedicated to helping their students thrive. Our tutors live the Twisted philosophy and are willing to throw out tired, traditional teaching methods in favour of new, student-focused tactics that actually work.

We currently have the following tutors in the South Cowichan area:

Melissa West – Shawnigan Lake, Mill Bay & Cobble Hill, BC

Certificate in Nursery Nursing
Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education – Early Years
Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours (Upper division)
A Master’s in Child Psychology (In Progress)

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The Twisted Tutoring Difference

Tutoring…With A Twist is a local Vancouver Island business that offers world-class tutoring services in Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay, and many other communities across Vancouver Island. We have over 10 years’ experience as a successful tutoring agency and continue to expand our service areas.

Twisted Tutoring is different than other agencies because we recognize and embrace your child’s unique personality as a core component of their learning. When we first meet a student, we’ll talk about goals and objectives, determine learning styles, and get to know their interests and passions. We then adapt our lesson formats to each student’s personality and create a plan to develop skills for the classroom and beyond.

Our Twisted tutoring strategy helps students to:

  • Improve academic performance in core subjects
  • Develop the confidence to overcome challenges
  • Nurture skills that will enhance success in life
  • Believe in the benefits of organization and planning
  • Enhance communication skills and self-discipline
  • Improve self-motivation
  • Invest in their success

Tutoring…With A Twist has tutors in Shawnigan Lake, Mill Bay, and Cobble Hill who would love to help your family succeed!

Twisted Tutoring Testimonials

Our son had an awesome experience with his Twisted Tutor over the summer. He is even asking if he can continue with her throughout the school year with weekly sessions. Thanks again.”
– PH, Parent of an Elementary Math & French Student

“It didn’t seem to matter that I needed one question explained to me in multiple ways. I knew that my Twisted Tutor felt it was her job to get me to understand it, not my fault for not understanding it. This made a BIG difference for my confidence.”
– TE, Math High School Student

“When it was explained that most schools primarily cater to a Read/Write Learner and that my child was a Kinesthetic Learner – I almost started to cry. My son that I was told needed medication and should go in a special class, just needed some tools and strategies to help him better understand how he learned. Tutoring…With A Twist went one step further as they worked with us, as a family, and my son’s school to ensure everybody was meeting his learning needs. His grades and confidence soared and he’s never looked back!”
– BF, Parent of an Elementary Math & English Student

 “My Twisted Tutor believed in me. She knew I could do it so then I knew I could do it. Also, she was fun which made learning fun. She also taught me that if I did the harder work first, I could reward myself with doing something I loved.”
– DF, Homeschooled Elementary Multi-Subject Student

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