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Doreen Sayer

A Wealth of Experience!

Doreen Sayer is a Master teacher in mathematics with experience teaching high school mathematics at all levels. She has contributed to the provincial course and curriculum development and has participated in provincial marking. Doreen is also an experienced teacher in English, providing assistance with paper writing at the high school, university, and Master’s levels.

With experience in three provinces, Doreen has taught all grades and developed school libraries, and introduced new research technologies to the delight of her students and colleagues. She has provided technology instruction for both adults and school-aged students in the areas of word processing, accounting, and web page design.

Teaching and learning form a reciprocal relationship. To teach is also to learn, and it is this curiosity and passion that flows between the tutor and student: it is a quest to grow and expand emotionally and intellectually while being open to the sense of humour offered in the everyday demands of life. Doreen embodies this philosophy in her Twisted Tutoring, and she and her students profit immensely from it.

Doreen has two Twisted Services that she particularly has a passion for helping with: assistance with online courses and professional editing!

With Doreen virtually by their side, online students combat loneliness and isolation in online learning. No longer do they feel stumped “in class”, for distance education students who take advantage of tutoring report higher academic gains, a better attitude about seeking help, and improved class retention rates. Doreen loves to see her online students thrive both academically and emotionally as she guides them on the path to confidence, a path that leads to the brightest of stars! (See the star in our Twisted Process.)

Students who seek Doreen’s English expertise learn how to effectively brainstorm, clarify ideas, ask thought-provoking questions to help flush out ideas, and proofread for grammar and spelling. Along with these essential skills, students will develop everlasting life skills such as perseverance, creativity, and, most importantly, a love of learning!

Learning Style Scores
Visual: 8
Auditory: 3
Kinesthetic: 3

Favourite Movie:

Doreen specializes in Twistedly Tutoring in the following areas:

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In Doreen's own words:Having taught more than twenty years in classrooms in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, I know how difficult it is to make a difference in the lives of students. No matter how you do the math, the time allotted to individualize the programme and curriculum in a meaningful way is minimal at best in a classroom where there are numerous agendas.

This is my opportunity to give back by Tutoring…With A Twist to meet the needs of students, to actively engage them, and build a feeling of success and mastery that goes beyond the classroom. Learning is life long…for me as well. I strongly believe that the little steps along the way in education are the foundation of the person(s) we become for the rest of our lives. If students are part of the process in developing projects, completing goals, and assessing outcomes; then they take ownership of their education, build a bank of successes, and become positive in knowing that they can be the change.

Tutoring for Tutoring…With A Twist is an awesome experience...7 years have gone by bringing so many intrinsic rewards including the relationships formed with incredible learners, sharing their challenges and a continuing my own personal learning in the process!

Originally, I had just planned tutoring as a ‘little something extra' to do in retirement. Wow... I now understand the phrase: I have received more than I gave. As I have helped children and adults in pursuit of their goals, I have so much praise to offer each and every Twisted Learner, especially when the small steps along the way may have been major hurdles. Being part of these journeys and passions has its own definitive rewards as goals are not mere academic challenges and assignments; they require using one’s abilities and skills and, then, digging deeper to learn that we can all go further! I love that The Twist is incorporating all that into something meaningful that helps the individual on their life journey.  

No one could ask for a better company to work for from matching clients and tutors to taking suggestions to offering advice and to remaining steadfast to the company's vision and mission. The founder, Amber, is professional and understands the value of listening to her clients in order to create the best learning environment for each person. She takes care of the small details so the large picture takes shape.