Homeschool Tutoring

homeschool tutoring studentsHomeschooling is a fantastic way to ensure your child receives the high-quality education they deserve. With recent developments in the education landscape, students of all ages are finding success through homeschooling, and homeschool tutoring can take the experience to the next level.

Busy schedules can make it difficult for parents to stay caught up, especially at the higher grade levels. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that comes with homeschooling, we promise you’re not alone. Our twisted tutors are here to help with homeschool tutoring.

Whether your child is participating in part-time or full-time homeschooling, we know it can be tough to find a balance between work, life, and school. Sometimes parents, though meaning well, don’t have the time, training, or resources to facilitate homeschooling. If that sounds like you, homeschool tutoring can make a massive difference.

Our homeschool tutors will ease your workload while providing your child with premium assistance tailored to their needs. This means you can feel good about giving your child the best educational opportunities without any of the associated stress.

Our Homeschool Specialties

Parents and students have countless reasons for pursuing homeschooling, or a combination of homeschooling and traditional schooling. One key reason is that parents want their children to have success in life, not just in a school setting. This is where Tutoring…With A Twist* excels above all other tutoring options—our proven system guarantees success beyond the classroom.

In addition, our homeschool tutors have experience in every major subject area, including:

If your homeschool student needs help in any subject area, we’d love to help! Our tutors range in personality and life experience, so you can rest assured we have a tutor who will mesh with your education style and family.

5 Reasons To Add Tutoring To Your Homeschooling

5. Fill In Gaps In Parents’ Knowledge

Nobody knows everything! As grade levels increase and subject matter diversifies, every homeschooling parent eventually runs into material they aren’t familiar with. Our talented tutors can help you fill in any subject matter gaps, assist with difficult lessons, and ensure your students do their best in every area of study.

4. Improve Confidence & Self-Worth

Our tutors recognize that self-confidence is one of the most critical components to happy, healthy learning. Students who believe in their own abilities are more likely to succeed! Homeschool tutoring goes beyond the classroom material and builds confidence, setting the groundwork to help your child to tackle challenges of all shapes and sizes.

3. Encourage Happy & Positive Learning

A person’s mental and emotional state has a profound impact on their ability to learn. That’s why we look at the overall wellness of every student we work with and help them bring the right attitude and perspective into their studies. If students are struggling, we work with them to figure out why and then develop new tactics and coping mechanisms to overcome the invisible barriers in their way.

2. Develop Work Ethic

Homeschool tutoring helps students develop a work ethic and can improve study skills! We help students make the connection between the work they put in and the results they get out. Twisted Students recognize that subjects are easier (and sometimes even fun!) when they take the time to invest in their results.

1. Build Brand New Life Skills

Homeschooling families know that there’s more to life than formal education. Success beyond the classroom requires a range of skills that aren’t taught in a traditional classroom setting. Our tutors work with Twisted Students to develop critical life skills that will help them excel academically and in life itself.

*Services provided by With a Twist Education Ltd.

Homeschool Tutoring Testimonials

“Tutoring…With A Twist is awesome!! So needed in our society, where more families feel the need to home-school. I REALLY appreciate your business, your service and the positive manner that you deal with your clients. Thank You!”
-BF, Grandparent of a Homeschooled Multi-Subject Student

“It didn’t matter if I needed something repeated over and over again, that was totally fine with my Twisted Tutor. Each time I asked a question, instead of being made to feel dumb or like I should just get it, I was made to feel confident and supported. Plus, she made always made it fun and related my work to things I was interested in.”
-NP, High School Homeschooling Multi-Subject Student

“We chose to use the services of Tutoring…With A Twist as it was founded by an intelligent woman who truly want to serve the people she works for by finding innovative ways to make learning fun.”
-Niki Beadle, Parent of a Homeschooler

“My Twisted Tutor believed in me. She knew I could do it so then I knew I could do it. Also, she was fun which made learning fun. She also taught me that if I did the harder work first, I could reward myself with doing something I loved.”
-DF, Homeschooled Elementary Multi-Subject Student

“My tutor gives examples that relate to real life, provides notes that can be referred to later and is teaching me visually, as opposed to only talking at me. I wouldn’t change a thing about Tutoring…With A Twist.”
-RG. Homeschooled Student

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