Transitional Tutoring

Change is tough! Even the best of us can get stressed out when we experience big changes, so it’s little wonder that transitions take their toll on growing minds and bodies. Students going through transitions may feel stressed, overwhelmed, or nervous, or you may notice your child suddenly doesn’t seem like their usual self.

transition icebergTransitions can also trigger new behaviours and challenges, often without families—or even the child—being able to understand what’s happening. Think of this like an iceberg. Typically, we see only the tip of an iceberg, just as we often only see the behaviour a child is displaying.

However, it’s what’s going on underneath the iceberg that’s causing it to shift. Same with your child—all their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and so forth that are causing their behaviour to shift.

As a result, students who are having a tough time with a change may exhibit unusual or challenging behaviour, including:

  • Angry outbursts
  • Tantrums
  • Moodiness
  • Withdrawal
  • Arguments
  • And more…

Fortunately, transitional tutoring can help your child develop the skills necessary to overcome challenges and thrive in their new environment.

Transitional Tutoring Areas

We can help your family with the following transitions:

  • elementary to high school
  • elementary to middle school
  • middle school to high school
  • high school to university or college
  • high school to the “real world”
  • joining a new school
  • significant change in their world (death or divorce are two examples)

Regardless of the change life is throwing your child’s way, our tutors will help. Our founder, Amber Scotchburn, developed a School Plan for children experiencing a significant transition. This School Plan is being used by school districts across Canada to help children. As we work with your family, we’d love to liaise with your school to give your child the best possible chance for success.

How Our Tutoring Helps Transitional Challenges

Our Twisted Philosophy lends itself well to helping children through major transitions. First, we help our students identify and articulate the aspects of change that are challenging them. Next, we work with the student to overcome those challenges.

On the academic front, we ease the fear and difficulty of new or more challenging subject matter. We show students they are capable of learning everything that’s coming their way and we fully support them while we teach the new subject matter.

Beyond the textbooks, we help students build skills that will guarantee their success. We help them develop skills they need to succeed in the classroom and in life beyond. In fact, we’re proud of our ability to help children improve in all aspects of life.

Our holistic approach to tutoring is where we differ from our competitors. We know grades and academic performance is important, but we also know that happy, confident children are more likely to thrive in all aspects of life. We help Twisted students understand their capabilities and become happier, healthier people!

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