The Twist

What Is The Twist?

The key aspect of the “Twist” part of our programming is that not only will our Twisted Learners walk away more proficient in the academic subject identified by them, but also in a pre-determined life skill. Life skills can easily be overlooked while mastering content.  A Twisted Learner may simply need to learn how to raise their hand to ask a question in class! How wonderful would it be to learn to ask for what you need at an early age?

Traditionally tutoring is looked at sitting down with a student’s homework and/or giving student, regardless of who they are, the same worksheets to increase their competence in a particular area. We believe that is a band-aid solution, meaning that it will help in the moment but not for life. As well, each Twisted Learner we tutor has an individualized program made just for them, not just homework-help or pre-made worksheets!

Our hope is that our Twisted Learners are so proficient by the time they leave us (not only the academic area but also in the life skill area) that they should not need to return. Yes, we are suggesting that we are working ourselves out of a job!

Guarantee Success Beyond The Classroom

The most significant reason to choose Tutoring…With A Twist* is to guarantee success beyond the classroom.  This is done through the creation of an Individualized Twisted Tutoring Plan designed to help your child:

  • enhance skills which are crucial to his/her everyday life;
  • advance in core subjects;
  • increase communication skills and improve self-discipline;
  • invest in themselves & develop self-motivation;
  • reap the rewards of developing organizational & planning skills.

Tutoring…With A Twist* offers a unique multi-faceted program including:

  • Advancement in Academic Subjects
  • Enhancement of Life Skills
  • A Collaborative Team Approach
  • Individualized Twisted Tutoring Plan
  • BC Certified Team of Teachers
  • Guaranteed Success Beyond the Classroom

Discover Tutoring…With A Twist

The Twist’s Unique System

The Twist is part of our Signature Success…With A Twist System developed by the founder, Amber Scotchburn. It makes Tutoring…With A Twist* different than everyone else because it’s more than just tutoring, it’s …With A Twist!

happy face

Happy Face – Happy…Just Because!
The line of success is not straight and not without its intense moments. Sometimes it’s caused by our own actions and reactions and other times by things out of our control. Life is just like that.   When you shift to being happy “just because,” you won’t be waiting for somebody else’s approval to be happy!  We will help your child not look outward for approval but instead be happy because they know they are seeking the help they need to do their best.


pink star

Star – Your Child’s Hopes, Wishes, Dreams & Desires!
Think of the dreams, goals, wishes, hopes and desires you have for your child represented by stars. Our journey together will help your child reach those stars.  We know that being a parent can be the toughest job out there. When we feel that our kids aren’t confident they can reach their full potential, this makes this job seem even tougher. Let’s work together on building your child’s confidence.


three overlapping circles

Circles – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!
The different circles represent the different people in your child’s life that are on this journey with you. This could be parents, teachers, extended family, and of course, us, your Twisted Tutoring Team! We believe that teamwork makes the dream work, so we will engage with all members of your child’s team to ensure they reach their goals.  This could look like us simply reaching out via email to your child’s teacher, reviewing a report card with you, or we’ve even come to parent-teacher interviews!



Clapperboard – Take 1 to Take 101
We will help shift your child’s mindset to change the spelling of “mistake” to “miss take” so that your child can act without fear of making an error. So much of what is build into education to determine marks and thereby a children’s worth, is based on perfection. To change this feeling of worth, we change the mindset that learning does requires miss takes. It may take from “Act 1 -Take 1” to “Act 1 -Take 101” for your child to have confidence and understanding and that’s okay!

litmus strip

Litmus Strip (PH Level) – What are You Passionate About?
We tie in what your child loves to learning. This gives them a reason to stay motivated to keep on learning. It also gives them their “why”.  Instead of simply seeing a subject as something they “have to take”, they will look forward to learning it.

Yes, we make children love learning!



Heart – You can do it!
Our heart keeps on beating no matter what situation we go through. It’s usually our brains that hold onto experiences that cause us to think that we “can’t” do something. Therefore, we need to stop believing everything we think! We take a look at your child’s limiting beliefs and guide them on a path to create new thoughts that they can do it.


amber caution sign

Amber Caution Sign – Does your child use caution as they proceed through life?
Our Twist helps Learners to assess how they are acting, thinking, behaving and being right now as a student! We help them to decide what thoughts, actions and beliefs are best serving them and which they need to change. Remember those stars that you identified as the hopes you have for your child? Remember the confidence that they need to get there?  This step is where the magic happens as there will be no stopping your child!


purple target

Target – Does your child set goals & make a plan to reach them?
The goals we set at our Twisted Tutor Plan meeting are important and we each session, we make sure we are all on track to helping your child reach their goals. We will help your child realize that life is made up of a series of choices, each with a price and a benefit. Nothing more, nothing less. By realizing this, we can help them understand how simple life truly is.  If a behaviour isn’t serving them, we address it. If a behaviour is serving them, we reward it. As a parent, you no longer have to hope that your child will reach the desired target, as you’ve got the Twist guaranteeing that success.

Experience The Twist

Are you considering hiring a tutor? We would love for your family to experience The Twist first hand. To talk this important decision through, call us at 1-866-977-4433 or fill out our online form to get started.

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