Grade 5 Resources

We have compiled a list of some of the best Grade 5 resources to help your child succeed.


Here is our recommended Math resource:

Canadian Curriculum Mathsmart 5: A Concise Grade 5 Math Workbook Packed With Practice, Explanations, And TipsCanadian Curriculum Mathsmart 5

Workbook covering the entire grade 5 math curriculum. Presents the concepts in a variety of ways for all learners.

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Here is our recommended English resource:

Popular Complete Smart Series: Complete Englishsmart (new Edition) Grade 5: Canadian Curriculum English WorkbookComplete Englishsmart Grade 5

Workbook that focuses on expanding vocabulary, using proper grammar, and practicing reading skills. Comes with online resources to hone listening skills as well.

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We recommend the following French resources:

Canadian Curriculum Frenchsmart 5: A Grade 5 French Workbook That Encompasses All The French Essentials To Build Strong Language SCanadian Curriculum Frenchsmart 5

Fun activities help students learn French naturally. Colourful graphics and interesting exercises keep students engaged.

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Social Studies

Here is our recommended Social Studies resource:

Maps Activity BookMaps Activity Book

A fun and interactive way for kids to learn about geography. Complete with plenty of activities to help students travel the world and learn about different cultures and environments.

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We recommend the following Science resources:

Complete Sciencesmart 5: Canadian Curriculum Science Workbook For Grade 5Complete Sciencesmart 5

In-depth workbook covering everything your child could possibly want to know about science. Filled with tons of awesome scientific material and lots of fun experiments too.

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Popular Smart Reference Series: Curriculum-based Sciencesmart Experiments Grades 4 - 6: Canadian Curriculum Science Book To ExpandScienceSmart Experiments Grades 4 – 6: Canadian Curriculum Science Book To Expand

Over 200 experiments for students in grades 4 to 6. Comes with complete lists of materials required and easy-to-follow instructions. Lots of fun for both kids and parents!

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All subjects

Here are the resources we recommend that cover several Grade 5 subjects:

Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 5

A fun workbook jam-packed with engaging content. Students will enjoy working through the core curriculum with the aid of helpful graphics and trivia cards.

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Complete Canadian Curriculum 5 (revised & Updated): A Grade 5 Integrated Workbook Covering Math, English, Social Studies, And ScieComplete Canadian Curriculum 5 (Revised)

In-depth workbook filled with everything Canadian students need to know. A variety of word problems and intuitive lessons keep things interesting.

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