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Tutoring…With A Twist* is now in the Comox Valley! Tutoring…With A Twist* has been providing mobile Twisted Tutoring Services that guarantees success beyond the classroom on Central Vancouver Island for over 10 years!


VIRL courtenay branch

Vancouver Island Regional Library, Courtenay Branch

Tutoring…With A Twist* is a local Vancouver Island business that connects families with knowledgeable tutors in Courtenay, Comox, and the central island region.

To offer the best possible service to new and existing learners, we plan on expanding slowly through the Comox Valley, offering Twisted Tutoring Services in Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Royston, Buckley Bay and Fanny Bay.

Our tutors are familiar with the new British Columbia curriculum and are prepared to help students succeed in every subject area. From Math to Science, English to French, we help students improve their grades, confidence, and subject knowledge.

We have several tutoring formats, including small group sessions and private lessons, so you can choose the style that works best for your family. Our tutors typically work out of the Courtenay branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library, although we can also arrange to tutor in your own home, if desired.

Tutoring…With A Twist* is different than traditional tutoring services because we take a highly personalized approach to teaching. We take the time to understand every student’s unique personality, motivations, and learning style, and then develop lesson plans that will work. This strategy allows us to create tutoring programs that are effective, while also nurturing students into confident, capable people with the skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond it.

Courtenay Tutoring Subjects

Our talented tutors in the Courtenay area are experienced in many subject areas, including:

Many people look for tutoring services when they are struggling in academic areas, but improved grades are only one of our core focus areas. When students are confident, happy, and eager to learn, good grades naturally follow. That’s why we help build skills that teach our students how to thrive, building up study tactics and life skills that will serve them for life.

Meet Our Courtenay & Comox Tutors

We are just growing in this area. Each Twisted Tutor is committed to treating students as whole people and teaching with the Twisted philosophy in mind.

Chris Bordeleau

Confidence in the Pursuit of Passion!
Chris Bordeleau
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Rhiannon Heim

Love to Learn!

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What Sets Twisted Tutoring Apart

Tutoring…With A Twist* is an island-grown tutoring agency that has served the Central Vancouver Island region for over 10 years. We are known within our communities because of our compassionate, personalized, and student-focused approach to learning.

When we work with someone, we recognize and value them for who they are. We don’t expect the same teaching techniques to work for every student and we naturally adapt our lessons for the individual person we’re working with based on their learning style, personality, needs, and motivations. This personalized approach to tutoring is highly effective!

Best of all, we help our students build up skills that will guarantee success beyond the classroom.

Our Twisted approach to tutoring helps students:

  • Achieve better grades & improve academic performance
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Build a repertoire of important life skills
  • Learn how to plan and organize their tasks
  • Advance self-discipline and self-motivation
  • Improve their ability to communicate
  • Develop a love of learning
  • And more!

We get to know our students the very first time we meet. We determine ideal learning styles and learn about interests, passions, and the things that get our students excited. From there, we’re able to develop a coaching strategy that allows students to learn effectively, while having fun and taking joy in their own accomplishments. Together, we improve grades and meet short-term goals, while also developing new skills that are beneficial in many aspects of life.

Tutoring…With A Twist* has tutors in Courtenay and Comox who would love to help. Contact us right now to get started!

*Services provided by With a Twist Education Ltd.

Twisted Tutoring Testimonials

“Our son had an awesome experience with his Twisted Tutor over the summer. He is even asking if he can continue with her throughout the school year with weekly sessions. Thanks again.”
– PH, Parent of an Elementary Math & French Student

“It didn’t matter if I needed something repeated over and over again, that was totally fine with my Twisted Tutor. Each time I asked a question, instead of being made to feel dumb or like I should just get it, I was made to feel confident and supported. Plus, she made always made it fun and related my work to things I was interested in.”
– NP, High School Homeschooling Multi-Subject Student

“I first came to Tutoring…With A Twist to get refreshers before upcoming tests, but then quickly came to realize that the support and caring that I got in each of these sessions could help me the rest of the year. My Twisted Tutor was like my academic coach, always encouraging me to do my best and showing me where I could improve.”
– VS, High School Math Student

We were looking for someone to help motivate our child, which is a challenge. We hadn’t used a tutor before due to cost. We used this company as I had seen the owner’s name before. They helped get our child on track, as our “Twisted Tutor” was lovely!! (Our Tutor was kind, supportive, fun, and even tolerated our annoying dogs!). I totally trust the Tutor with our child, the company is easy to work with, and the report they supply allows you to track your child’s progress. We will be using them again!!”
– Carolynne Schofield, Parent of a Twisted Student

“When it was explained that most schools primarily cater to a Read/Write Learner and that my child was a Kinesthetic Learner – I almost started to cry. My son that I was told needed medication and should go in a special class, just needed some tools and strategies to help him better understand how he learned. Tutoring…With A Twist went one step further as they worked with us, as a family, and my son’s school to ensure everybody was meeting his learning needs. His grades and confidence soared and he’s never looked back!”
– BF, Parent of an Elementary Math & English Student

Connect With A Twisted Tutor

If you are search of a local Twisted Tutor in the Courtenay area, just let us know. We take the stress out of your search by offering a range of personalities and skill sets to ensure your tutor meshes well with your child and family.

To get started, simply fill out the form below or call 1-866-977-4433!

After we hear from you, we’ll get in touch to talk more about our tutoring methods and determine whether we’re a good fit for your family. We’ll talk to you soon!