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high school tutoringHigh school is tough—there’s no denying that. Fortunately, Tutoring…With A Twist* has qualified high school tutors who can make learning a lot easier! Our tutors are qualified to teach a variety of high school subjects and know how to make learning both educational and fun.

We already work with hundreds of families across Vancouver Island and would be delighted to work with yours too!

High School Tutoring Subjects

We can support your student with a variety of high school subjects, including:

Best of all, we teach learning and study skills that help students succeed in every subject. It’s common for our students to focus on one area of study but build up their confidence and skills in many subjects.

If you want to help your child excel in high school, learn valuable life skills, and achieve their absolute best academic performance, connect with the Tutoring…With A Twist* team today.

Twisted Tutoring Locations

Twisted Tutors can be found in almost every community across Vancouver Island. We currently have tutors available in:

Even if you don’t see your community listed above, please get in touch! Our team is rapidly expanding as we continue to find and recruit the best tutors throughout the island. We also offer online tutoring, which works for many families in the area!

The 5 Big Benefits of High School Tutoring With Our Team

5. Boost Grades & High School Academic Performance

Most parents seek out high school tutors to help improve their child’s grades, often after a disappointing test or report card grade, or in anticipation of a challenging subject. If you and your family is stressed out about academic performance, you’re not alone but you are making an important first step towards improvement!

Tutoring…With A Twist* tutors work with students and their families to improve academic performance. In addition to teaching and reviewing specific curriculum, we also help students improve their ability to learn, study, and take tests independently.

We find out what emotional, mental or physical limitations are preventing students’ optimal performance and then we work with our students to find ways to overcome those challenges. Because of this approach, the lessons we teach are critical and serve students for life. In fact, we pride ourselves on our dedication to teaching skills that benefit students in the classroom and beyond.

4. Improve Self Esteem & Confidence

happy high school studentOur tutors know that self-esteem and confidence have a direct impact on student success. That’s why we work on improving students’ confidence and show them that they have the knowledge and ability to succeed in anything they set their hearts and minds on.

When students are confident, they transform. When a child or teenager suddenly realizes they can overcome even the most challenging of subjects, their entire outlook changes. Confident students are happier, healthier, and in an ideal headspace to learn new material.

Best of all, confidence extends well beyond the classroom. A student who is confident in their ability to learn at school will also be more confident in other areas of life that require learning—whether it’s driving, learning their first job, or simply figuring out all the nuances of living life.

3.  Receive Tutoring That Develops Personal Life Skills

Before we teach high school students a single lesson, we get to know them on a personal level. We kickstart every new tutoring relationship with a family meeting where we learn all about the student, their parents, and their lives. We determine learning styles, discuss academic challenges, and get to know the motivation behind the tutoring. After this meeting, we put together a personalized tutoring plan that’s unique to each student.

We recognize that students are incredible, amazing, complex individuals and that it would be impossible to effectively teach every person using the same strategy. Our unique tutoring method embraces strengths, encourages personal passions, and uses creative methods to overcome challenges. Thanks to this approach, our students improve their performance and develop important life skills that help set students up for long-term success.

2. Develop A Healthy Work Ethic

high school STEM studentLearning how to do work routinely can be harder than the work itself! Our high school tutors will work with your student to help them develop important study skills and a healthy work ethic. For most students, our tutors teach work ethic in two ways:

First, we build routines and habits. By making learning and studying a part of everyday, ordinary life, students naturally build up habits around work and studying. As a result, these students learn to invest their spare time into learning new skills and naturally become more disciplined.

Second, we show students that hard work pays off! When our high school students see direct, positive results from their work ethic and study routines, they’ll discover the benefit of investing time and energy—even into difficult subjects!

A healthy, natural work ethic is one of the most important attributes a student can learn. In addition to improved academic performance, work ethic will serve students as they pursue new careers, hobbies, relationships, and more. Students who know how to work hard will find success wherever life takes them!

1. Enhance Emotional & Mental Health

We’ve learned first hand that students are more likely to succeed when they are happy, healthy, and in a good headspace. If a student feels defeated, they are going to struggle more than they need to and may even hinder their own performance. Therefore, we base every tutoring lesson on a foundation of positive, productive learning.

Our high school tutors help their students identify thoughts or feelings that may be deterring learning and then work with those students to overcome those obstacles. By recognizing students’ mental and emotional health within our tutoring practice, we’re able to help our students become happier and healthier learners.

High School Tutoring Testimonials

“Our daughter had a lot of anxiety about school, especially math. Our Twisted Tutor was able to teach our daughter in a kind, patient manor that not only resulted in the grades we wanted, but in my daughter understanding and actually enjoying math again.” -AD, Parent of High School Math Student

“Tutoring…With A Twist provided a personalized, one-on-one in person tutoring experience. I’ve been able to make connections between old material and new material, as well as learn different ways to solve problems. I cannot think of a single way to improve Tutoring…With A Twist. Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation with me.” -Parent of a High School Math Student

“When we approached Tutoring With A Twist, it was to find help for our son who was struggling with both high school Math and English. We had investigated other tutoring agencies but felt they didn’t have the one-on-one more intimate approach that Tutoring With A Twist offers. As a busy, working, blended family, we found that we weren’t always able to dedicate the time to learning with our son and, quite frankly, we were also struggling with the content (it’s been a while since we’ve been in high school and things have certainly changed!). Tutoring With A Twist has been amazing in helping our son achieve his goals and in not only understanding the content, but in being comfortable with learning. Our Twisted Tutor is the perfect match to our son’s personality and learning style… we couldn’t have picked a better tutor to work alongside him! Tutoring With A Twist has definitely helped out our son with understanding his school work and as a side benefit, his confidence in his abilities has greatly improved.” – Andrew Hawkins, Parent of a Twisted Student

“We had previously avoided tutoring due to the potential costs, but decided that our 16-year old son needed help with organization, time management and prioritization before it was too late. Leaving it to him or trying to “nag” him into getting his work done wasn’t working for him or for us. We noticed a minivan with the Tutoring With a Twist logo outside the North End Library and decided to give it a go. The owner, Amber Scotchburn, is easy to deal with and the Twisted Tutor has quickly gained our son’s respect (which is not an easy task). Our Tutor is flexible with dates and times when necessary and has helped our son keep up with his schoolwork, and in fact he has also taken on extra classes through Learn at Home. It’s still a work in progress, but a huge improvement. We will be continuing with our Twisted Tutor through the summer to get a head start on next year.” -Diane Frankcom, Parent of a Twisted High School Student

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