Our Tutors

Duncan Whiskin

Observe. Reflect. Understand. Learn. Educate!


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Advanced TESOL Certificate

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, I grew up in a small town on a big lake. As a child I would spend my time in the bush exploring the vast wilderness behind our family home. Never a dull moment as there was always somewhere new to explore and a new skill to learn!

While growing up I was active in many parts of the community. I was involved in groups like cubs and scouts. This is where I developed skills and abilities through direct experience. I was part of faith-based organizations and a member of search and rescue. This is where paying attention to detail and looking for clues have helped guide me through adversity and challenges. These experiences have helped to develop a strong connection to my home and a broader understanding of who I am. During my up bringing my family took the opportunity to host students from Central America. This experience introduced me to a couple of the many cultures I would come to know and appreciate.

I applied with an organization called Canada World Youth (CWY) when I was in my mid twenties. It is a volunteer organization focused on cross cultural learning and working as a part of a community. In the program you are partnered with a person from another country. You live and work separately but the group of 18 is bound to work and experience together. You learn to work cohesively as a team to build and foster healthy community connections that influence how you interact and see the world. 

I enrolled at Malaspina University, now V.I.U, to advance my education. I took a plethora of courses. After a few years of study I decided to travel. I wanted to see Canada! So, I drove across the vast country visiting old friends from CWY and making some great new ones along the way. Not long after that I got my TESOL, TEFEL and Advanced English teacher license. I decided to leave the country and went travelling again! This time I left for the Middle East. I took a job in Kuwait, which allowed me to have a home base where I could branch out and travel from. I ended up teaching in an American run private school. I taught a year of grade 3 math. I had my own homeroom, but my responsibility was to teach grade 3 math to the four separate divisions. I took this opportunity and traveled extensively throughout the region. This was a truly an eye opening experience. I re-enrolled in university upon my returning to Canada and received my Education Degree in 2014.

During all this time with my travels and education I became even more interested in food! I have always been interested in food. As a child my parents have pictures of me with small pots and pans in the kitchen in an apron. But this interest turned into a love for food! This love for food led me through many dishes from many kitchens, locally and globally. From my first job as a teenaged dishwasher to assistant manager of an organic bakery, with a few others in between, I have learned many diverse skills working with food. I educated myself on some of the different aspects of food while in university. This was mainly around the production and consumption. This led to a deeper appreciation for food and what it does for us. 

This led us to where we are today. I have had the opportunity to educate myself through formal and informal practices and now want to impart some of that knowledge on to students.

In Duncan's own words:"The TWIST to me means:

T - Teaching for
W - well rounded
I - interdisciplinary
S - students
T - together!

I’d love for us to get Twisted together!”