Visual Learner


Confessions of a Visual Learner


“See how this works” …


“I can’t picture it” …


“Let’s draw a diagram/map” …


“I never forget a face” …


My language is all about pictures. I remember what I see more easily than what I hear. I have a great memory and tend to be good at spelling. I usually prefer art to music. I normally have a good sense of direction.


How to help me learn:

  • Write out directions/instructions with pictures and little writing.
  • Help me create to-do-lists, assignment logs, and written notes by teaching me a short hand of visual cues.
  • Let me highlight key words with different colours!
  • Show me PowerPoint presentations, pictures, graphs, and other visual media when it’s something you really want me to remember!
  • Encourage me to draw lots of diagrams, mind maps, graphs, pictures; on poster board if possible.
  • Encourage me to use lots of colour in notes, diagrams, etc.
  • Encourage me to use arrows and other shapes to connect key concepts.
  • Let me watch a video on the subject. Yes, even from YouTube! And the library!
  • Help me make flashcards.
  • I can get antsy if I it’s note-taking time and it’s a lot of words. Also, I may “tune out” while trying to listen & take wordy notes. Let me draw, doodle, or scribble. It actually helps me pay attention!
  • Let me preview reading material if at all possible.
  • Let me see your facial expressions and body language. Please use expression in your voice and props in your explanations and lectures!
  • I work best when I have a clear line of site of what I should be looking at.
  • Help me create a visual journey or story to memorize concepts that aren’t easy to “see.”
  • I work best in a quiet environment.
  • Help me develop my other learning styles. Verbal and written information is all around me; it is often the preferred choice. Help me practice my note taking. Practicing dictation would help me learn how to process auditory information.  Encourage me to explain my visuals in words to other people.

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