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Kate-Lynn Gomerich

Each Day is a New Opportunity to Learn!


  • Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology and Minor in Psychology (Vancouver Island University)

Kate-Lynn was born in Victoria and raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Growing up, Kate-Lynn has always been mystified by the natural world. Inspired by her curiosity, she chose to study biology and psychology at Vancouver Island University (VIU)  and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2020. After graduating, she furthered her studies by working as a laboratory technician to research aquatic hepeviruses. In her free time, Kate-Lynn dabbles in sketching and enjoys the beautiful parks around town with her family.

Originally, Kate-Lynn had planned to study medicine after completing her term as a lab technician. She thought that practicing medicine would be the best way to put her passion for human biology to good use and give back to her community in an important and meaningful way. Upon completion of her degree, she thought back on her academic career and remembered how she was most fulfilled when she used her experiences to help another succeed. Whether she was editing a friend’s essay or working through math problems with a younger family member, she loved any opportunity to share what she had learned and wanted to build a career out of this passion.

We are fortunate to have her as part of our Twisted Team and if she has an opening, book in! She’s one of our most sought after female Math, Sciences & Online Schooling Twisted Tutor! 

Kate-Lynn found her passion in teaching and would love to be your Twisted Tutor! She finds the teaching process truly rewarding and looks forward to helping twisted learners grow into their full potential. Kate-Lynn has expertise in the Sciences, especially Biology, and a solid foundation in English, Math, and History.

Kate-Lynn’s Learning Style Score is:
Visual: 9
Aural: 9
Kinesthetic 6

Some of her favourite things…
-Movie: Spirited Away
-TV Show: House
-Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Kate-Lynn would love to be your Twisted Tutor for:

-Science K-10

-Environmental, Earth, & Life Science 11 & 12

-Anatomy and Physiology 12

-Chemistry 11 & 12

-Physics 11 & 12

-Mathematics K-12

-Social Studies K-10

-English Language Arts K-9

In Kate-Lynn's own words:"For me, the Twist is understanding that every student has the ability to succeed when their unique needs are taken into consideration. Since each learner has a different set of skills and passions, I will get to know each and every student, work with them to make lessons engaging, and guide them along the journey of becoming excellent learners!"