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Erin Phoenix

The Space of Joy is where we Find Freedom!
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Subjects Taught:

  • Early Primary Reading Intervention Specialist: Grades K-7
  • All Subject Areas: Grades K-7
  • French: Grades K-7


-B.C. Certified Teacher
-Bachelor of Education (Vancouver Island University)
-Bachelor of Arts: English (Vancouver Island University)
-Published Author
-Health & Wellness Coaching Certification (in progress)

With a predisposition for cheer, positivity, enthusiasm, and encouragement pursuing teaching was a natural choice for Erin. Teaching for 20 years has afforded  Erin a wealth of roles and experience: full-time classroom teacher, teacher-on-call, tutor, home learning support teacher, consultant, and homeschooling mom.
As a former talkative and outgoing child, Erin knows the importance of compassion, grace, acceptance, and fun in her role as a teacher. Reaching the student where they are at both academically and in unique learning style is at the heart of Erin’s core values as an educator.
Following a life-altering health crisis, Erin has fought to build her life back beautiful while parenting her 3 precious school-aged children as a single mom. This health detour served as a wake-up call for Erin and she is now deeply passionate about health and wellness. Equipped with both a personal passion and a wealth of knowledge on holistic nutrition, Erin is studying to be a health and wellness coach for women facing the challenges of divorce, motherhood, and middle age. We love that Erin can bring this to our community of parents!
Welcome to the Team Erin!
VAK Score:
Visual: 1
Auditory: 7
Kinesthetic: 7
All Her Favourites:
Favourite Movie: Falling Inn Love & The Earthing Movie
Favourite Books: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
Favourite Quote: “To be in romance with life is religion.” -OSHO
Favourite Video Game: Bubble Bobble (from the 80’s)
Erin would love to get Twisted in the following Grades and Subjects:
  • Early Primary Reading Intervention Specialist: Grades K-7
  • All Subject Areas: Grades K-7
In Erin's own words:"The Twist to me means reaching each student at an individual level and intuitively meeting each learner's unique needs/style/situation. Doing away with a rigid 'one size fits all style of teaching and swapping it for learning through fun, play, and a feeling of ease and connection."