Giving the Gift of Confidence…

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

The Gift of Confidence, Resiliency & Empowerment


While some kids expect money or toys for their graduation, the gift of confidence, resiliency & empowerment will be remembered long after the money has been blown through or their toy has broken. Adding a non-toy gift to your gift line-up can help ensure that you give your child a gift that will last a lifetime.

Toys are great, don’t get me wrong! Some are awesome, like the kind where you read the fine print as you wrap it on Christmas Eve and it says “batteries not included”. So, you then run out to the only store open which of course has batteries, but they cost almost as much as the present you bought! Then, when Christmas morning comes and the toy is on for, oh about five minutes, you wish you hadn’t read the fine print ;)! Then, there are the gifts that the kids play with the packaging more than they play with the actual toy. Somehow the box it came in or the bubble wrap it was packaged in is just more exciting. Then, there is “the” gift…the one they have been anticipating all year. It’s ohh’d and ahh’d over and then in a week’s time it’s sitting with all the other toys until “the” next big thing comes along. Oh wait, there was even a movie made about that ;)!




Are you ready to explore the giving the gift of confidence, resiliency and empowerment now?! Let’s explore buying your child a gift certificate for tutoring. Your child will:
• enhance skills which are crucial to his/her every day life;
• advance in core subjects;
• increase communication skills and improve their self-discipline;
• have guaranteed success beyond the classroom;
• invest in themselves & develop self-motivation;
• reap the rewards of developing organization & planning skills.



Hands up for those of you thinking that your kids won’t like it. I ask you to think of it this way:
• How excited will your child be when they are able to put their hand up in class confidently?
• How amazing will your child feel when they sit down to right a test with confidence and ease?
• How stress-free will your evenings be when you know that your child’s learning is already been taken care of?
• How great will the discussion around the dinner table be when there isn’t the need for any nagging about school grades?
• Now imagine your child actually enjoying school!


We’d love to extend this gift to you and your’s!

Thank you for trusting us with your family this coming holiday season.