Tutoring…With A Twist* for Parents!


Dear Fantastically Awesome Parents,


You have given your child an amazing gift…the gift of the confidence that comes with being tutored. As we went through the initial meetings together, I felt and saw the love you have for your family. That is a gift in itself for me, so thank you for allowing me to be part of that.


How about you give yourself the same gift? Maybe you feel as though you could use a tutor in life to make your post-it’s work for you :)!

Do you know where you want to be in three months? a year? five years? Maybe you aren’t sure where are going to be next week…other than doing your to do list.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the expression —  if you don’t have your own plan, you will be part of someone else’s (or something like that!)?! Too often we go through life without knowing what our next step is. I’d like to invite you to get clear on what you want out of life & to start viewing yourself as more than just a to-do list! Let’s make a 2019 Vision Board together!

When I first started Tutoring…With A Twist*, at my kitchen table in Nanoose, I simultaneously started a program called Learn To F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself). This program helped parents, just like you, create Vision Boards! When both Learn To F.L.Y. and Tutoring were successful, I had to make a tough choice to decide which to pursue. I chose Tutoring…With A Twist*, as you know (!), but with the promise to one day be able to offer Learn To F.L.Y. again!

Today is that day :)! 

Raise your hand…
if you’d like Learn To F.L.Y. help you:

✓ Uncover your true passion & life purpose

✓ Let go of mental clutter

✓ Discover your unique strengths

✓ Decrease stress

✓ Live inspired everyday

✓ Define your ideal life balance

✓ Transition into your ideal career, relationship, body,
basically your LIFE… in steps that you can manage

And, HAVE FUN while doing so!


I pinky promise you that you will be even stronger by joining us on this journey.

Learn more by going to the following page: Your Life is More Than a To Do List – Make Those Post It Notes Work for YOU!



*Services provided by With a Twist Education Ltd.