School to Summer Transition!

Transitioning from School to Summer!

School is almost at the end, do you have any tips on how to transition my kids from school to summer?

Yes! Here are five tips!

1. Routines: Choose a routine you are willing to bend on, and keep the others fairly close to the school year. Routines such as morning routine, evening routine, bedtime routine. Use which ever routine they have the easiest time adjusting to when it’s back to school.

2. Summer Fun List: Have each family member write down 5-8 activities they want to do over the summer. Have them gather all the information they can on the activity: who can participate in it from the family, when does the activity happen, where in your calandar can you fit it in, what is the cost. Have each family member pitch their idea’s to the rest of the family and have a vote!

3. Summer Reading: Head to the library and sign up for their free summer reading program. Start checking out books by asking the librarian for help, ask your child what they like and research where to find that in the library, and/or check in with their teacher for their reading recommendations.

4. Play Dates With Friends: Be sure to swap information with the parents of your child’s school friends before the end of the year. Ask them when they are around for the summer. See if they want to do any trades of kids for a day!

5. Stop Summer Brain Drain: Taking two months off from learning makes it difficult to step back into learning mode come September. Be sure to have asked their current teacher(s) what they recommend they practice over the summer.

Check back in and we will give more tips for Summer Learning to keep the brain from going down the drain :)!