Amie Clarke

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My daughter was behind a couple grades in math and struggled to understand concepts and would become frustrated at times. We tried extra work at home and different methods recommended by teachers but nothing helped. I wasn’t initially sure if paying for a tutor would really help as there are so many that say they could but I’ve heard they don’t do much. Tutoring With A Twist uses a different approach to learning and with all their different tutors so I thought they might be able to help my daughter. After showing her their website she wanted to try. My daughter looks forward to seeing her tutor and she is able to work more independently in class and home. She doesn’t get as frustrated with things and thanks to her Twisted Tutor she has learned new problem-solving skills. The team members are awesome, so understanding and they not only help your child to understand but will work with you to help them too. My daughter’s Twisted Tutor always makes sure she understands and goes above and beyond to do so and to keep me involved and learn too. Her tutor, as I’m sure so do others, really do care whether your child succeeds not only with the actual course they need help with, but to have to confidence to do so later. I love the Twisted Reports they put out each month, so that you know where your child is at and if you have any questions they are awesome at answering them. If your child ever needs help with their schooling, I’d tell people you’d be a fool not to consult this agency.

Amie ClarkeParent of a Twisted Math Student