Andrew Hawkins

Melissa VaseyParents

When we approached Tutoring With A Twist, it was to find help for our son who was struggling with both high school Math and English. We had investigated other tutoring agencies but felt they didn’t have the one-on-one more intimate approach that Tutoring With A Twist offers. As a busy, working, blended family, we found that we weren’t always able to dedicate the time to learning with our son and, quite frankly, we were also struggling with the content (it’s been a while since we’ve been in high school and things have certainly changed!). Tutoring With A Twist has been amazing in helping our son achieve his goals and in not only understanding the content, but in being comfortable with learning. Our Twisted Tutor is the perfect match to our son’s personality and learning style… we couldn’t have picked a better tutor to work alongside him! Tutoring With A Twist has definitely helped out our son with understanding his school work and as a side benefit, his confidence in his abilities has greatly improved.

Andrew HawkinsParent of a Twisted Student