Doreen Sayer

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Tutoring for Tutoring…With A Twist is an awesome experience…7 years have gone by bringing so many intrinsic rewards including the relationships formed with incredible learners, sharing their challenges and a continuing my own personal learning in the process!!
Originally, I had just planned tutoring as a ‘little something extra” to do in retirement. Wow… I think I now understand the phrase, “I have received more than I gave”. As I have helped children and adults in pursuit of their goals, I have so much praise to offer each and every student… especially when the small steps along the way may have been major hurdles. Being part of these journeys and passions has its own definitive rewards. Goals are not mere academic challenges and assignments; they require using one’s abilities and skills and, then, digging deeper to learn that we can all go further. The Twist is incorporating all that into something meaningful that helps the individual on their life journey.
No one could ask for a better employer… matching client and tutor, taking suggestions, offering advice, and remaining steadfast to her own goals. Amber Scotchburn, the owner and founder, is professional and understands the value of listening to her clients in order to create the best learning environment for each person. She takes care of the small details so the large picture takes shape!

Doreen SayerTwisted Tutor