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Jesse Johnson

Gain Confidence & Enjoyment!


·Masters in Mathematics (University of Victoria)
·Bachelors in Mathematics (Oregon State University)
·6+ Years As A Private Tutor
·Specialization in Helping Autistic Students, as well as All Seeing Math as an Option!

Jesse T. Johnson is a graduate from the University of Victoria’s Masters Program in Math. Before that, he graduated from Oregon State with a Bachelors in Mathematics. To say that Jesse “kind of” likes Math would be an understatement!

Throughout his educational journey, he has been successfully tutoring students in Math, Stats, and Physics from elementary students to university students. In speaking to his past parents of students he tutored, there was a dominant common theme: Jesse helps every student to see Math as a possibility! He had students that came to tutoring with the thought that math wasn’t for them, but more something they had to get through. He was able to help them not only gain confidence, but also find enjoyment in it.

Alongside his regular research, Jesse is now tutoring full time, and is excited to help you see Math as a possibility! Previously, he has specialized in helping ADHD and Autistic students. 

In his free time, Jesse is a concert marimbist, drummer, and composer. He was asked to accompany the Royal Canadian Navy band with his own solo. He also enjoys sewing, watercolours, and hiking. Just ask him to see one of his creations!


Jesse specializes in Twistedly Tutoring in the following areas:

In Jesse's own words:"The Twist means teaching to a student's strengths, rather than trying to apply a rigid one-size-fits-all teaching method. It also means recognizing that understanding material and enjoying learning is more important than simply finding a correct answer."