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Maxine Davison

Take Chances. Make Miss takes. Get Messy!


  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate (University of Victoria)
  • Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) Level 1
  • Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) Level 1
  • Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) Level 1
  • Master of Science with Distinction in Archaeology (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in History and Anthropology (University of Victoria)

Maxine is an adventurer! 

Born in Richmond, BC, Maxine moved to Westbank as a toddler and grew up all over the Okanagan. At eighteen, driven by her passions (See the litmus strip in our Twisted Process!), she moved to Victoria to attend UVIC where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in history and anthropology. Immediately after graduation, she moved to Fort St. John where she worked as an archaeologist in northern BC and Alberta before entering the workplace health and safety industry. This new career path enabled her to move back to Kelowna, but she always wanted to return to Victoria.

Working in the workplace health and safety industry meant being part of a team that supported individuals through difficult times, many of whom would have to go for re-training. Re-training is akin to tutoring as it involves coaching to help people learn new skills or sharpen old skills—it’s all about hitting your “target”. (See the target in our Twisted Process!) This also involved working with a wide variety of people of all ability levels, so Maxine is well acquainted with being part of people’s support “circles”. (See the circles in our Twisted Process!)

Maxine finally made her way back to Victoria in 2017 and has been there ever since…except for a brief stint in 2019 when she followed her dreams and went to Scotland to get her Masters of Science (with Distinction) in Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh. Maxine’s courses involved in-depth research, presentation, academic writing, and critical analysis skills in the form of podium and poster presentations, essays, book reviews, and lab reports.

Maxine learned to ski as soon as she could walk, and she raced competitively as a child. When she retired from racing at the age of fifteen, she became a certified ski instructor and race coach. Maxine then taught herself to snowboard and became a certified snowboard instructor. Maxine’s triple certification allowed her to teach all ages and abilities which inspired her to become a school teacher. In fact, that was her initial plan when she attended UVIC, but she became swept up in the world of artifacts and skeletons and pursued a different career track. Maxine later took a TEFL certificate course at UVIC and reignited her passion for teaching. We are super fortunate to have a career student return to her roots of teaching!

In addition to moving all over BC, Maxine has also traveled the world. She has been to five of the seven continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania) and has participated in archaeological excavations in three of them! One of her personal goals is to travel to every continent. She is an avid reader who aspires to have a personal library one day. She enjoys baking and photography as ways to express her creativity. In her free time, Maxine can be found skiing, reading, crocheting, challenging her partner to board games, and loving her puppy named Clover. You may also find her playing with her various Harry Potter Lego special editions!

Learning Style Scores
Visual: 11
Auditory: 5
Kinesthetic: 6

Favourite Movies (she can’t pick just one!): Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, Transformers, School of Rock, The Lego Movie

Favourite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favourite Video Games: Batman: Arkham Knight Trilogy, Lego Games

Favourite Books: Harry Potter, The Cemetery of Forgotten Books Series

Maxine is very excited to put a Twist on tutoring with your child in the following subjects:

  • Social Studies K-Grade 12
  • History Grade 11-University Level
  • Anthropology/Archaeology-University Level
  • Science K-Grade 10
  • Biology Grade 11-12
  • French K-Grade 12
  • Math K-Grade 9
  • English K-12
  • University Level Reading and Writing
  • Business Writing
  • ESL Tutoring
  • Homeschoolers & Special Education
In Maxine's own words:"My understanding of The Twist is that it means teaching using inspiration, encouragement, creativity, flexibility, adaptability, and incorporating the student in their learning. Each student has a different learning style and it is important that the teacher is able to encompass all varieties of learners. By involving the student in the learning process using things/people/ideas important to them, it can make them more excited and engaged (thus building their confidence). I like to make the lessons relatable or connected to something the student is passionate about. My inspiration was my Grade 12 History teacher who would play songs connected to historical people or events to get us inspired (my personal favourite was Rasputin by Boney M when we were learning about the Russian Revolution)."