Private English Tutor – 6 Major Benefits

Strong English skills are essential for students. English is the only course students must take all the way through grade 12 in order to graduate. That means it’s important to develop good habits and strategies as early as possible. One of the best ways to ensure a student’s success is to have them work with a private English tutor. This post will outline the 6 major benefits a private English tutor can provide for your student today.

1. A Private English Tutor Can Help with Organization Skills

private english tutor chalkboardWhen it comes to composing a piece of writing, it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin. Students often have many wonderful ideas regarding a subject, but they aren’t sure how to put them together. This can lead to the student getting stuck, making the writing process more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, a private English tutor can help.

Your student will learn how to take their ideas and organize them in a way that allows for stress-free composition. Meaningful organization methods help students understand their own thoughts so they can be conveyed in ways that make sense. This is sure to result in happy teachers, higher grades, and happy students!

2. Learn Effective Research Techniques

In an age where information is so easily accessible, it can be difficult to determine genuine sources. Accurate research is important for the success of any essay, so it’s important to ensure that information is gathered from reliable sources.

A private English tutor can help your student find dependable research materials beyond Wikipedia. Moreover, your student will learn how to properly cite their sources to compose a well-informed argument free of plagiarism.

3. Stimulate an Interest in English

private english tutor studentEnglish is sometimes guilty of appearing boring to students. From the “thees” and “thous” of Shakespeare to the many complexities of grammar, English—especially as a subject in school—might not seem all that appealing to some students. After all, it’s said that the best way to ruin a good book is to write a report on it, and the English curriculum is full of those.

So, how does one go about stimulating an interest in English? A private English tutor is a great place to start! A private English tutor can help students relate their coursework to relevant situations in their lives, allowing them to make meaningful connections to the subject matter.

Furthermore, students will be able to wade through the dense blocks of text written by some of the greatest literary giants frequently encountered in school. This allows students to uncover the meaning of their words and truly understand just how fascinating their ideas really were. Your student will begin to realize that English is actually pretty cool!

4. Refine Communication Skills

young private english tutor studentsThe subject of English goes beyond words written on a page. Being able to verbally communicate an idea is equally as important as being able to explain it through text. A private English tutor can empower your student and give them the confidence to think out loud.

A private English tutor can also aid with verbal comprehension through listening and recognition of body language. These skills are essential for learning within a classroom environment, but they can also come in handy outside of school. Whether listening to the questions of a job interview or recognizing the social nuances of a scene in a popular movie, strong listening and observation skills will always prove useful.

Our twisted tutors understand that stress and anxiety can be stumbling blocks for students struggling to communicate, and they can help your student work through these obstacles. If you’d like to learn about how our twisted tutors can make a difference in your student’s education, head over to our English tutoring page!

5. The Confidence to Write About What You Care About

Even if a student is passionate about a particular topic, it isn’t always easy for them to write about it. This could be due to a fear of misrepresenting the topic, worrying that it isn’t appropriate for school, or being afraid of revealing too much of oneself. Whatever the case may be, a private English tutor can help.

Writing about one’s passions can be incredibly rewarding. It allows the writer to speak from a position of expertise without doing a ton of research, and it opens up many avenues for creativity. This can be particularly useful when working on poetry and story writing because ideas will tend to flow more naturally. Students who gain the confidence to write about what they care about love English all the more for it.

6. Develop a Voice with a Private English Tutor

Just as every fingerprint is unique to an individual, so is each student’s writing style unique to them. Everyone has a voice, and a private English tutor can help your student find theirs. Developing a voice allows a student to analyze and private english tutor student finding voicerespond to a piece of writing using their own words, and this is precisely what teachers love to see. A well-developed literary voice also enables students to create original pieces of creative writing with their own signature flair, and they can use this flair to create something they are truly proud of.

English…With a Twist!

A private English tutor can help your student achieve all of this and more, and our twisted tutors are always happy to lend a hand. Check out our English tutoring page to see what a private English tutor can do for you. If you would like to learn more about how the twist can make a difference in your student’s life, make sure to contact us!

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