Best Ways to Stay in School with Schools Closed

With all of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19,student studying it’s important to take every precaution we can. Alberta’s schools are closed indefinitely, Ontario and Québec have decided to keep their schools closed for two weeks, and similar decisions might be made in other provinces. In any case, it’s important to be prepared.

If provinces decide to keep schools closed for an extended period of time, how can you ensure your student still gets the education they deserve? This blog post will outline the best ways to keep your kids in school while schools are closed.


Contact the Teachers

Even if the schools are closed, teachers still have access to upcoming coursework and notes. Your student’s teacher(s) can provide resources allowing your student to stay caught up with what they would otherwise miss. This also gives them a chance to become familiar with the content before it’s eventually taught in the classroom, and this can reduce stress and make learning easier.

Also, teachers can often supplement what is being taught with extra work to be done in the meantime. Perhaps your student could earn a few bonus marks for doing some research or completing a project. It can’t hurt to ask!


Come up with a Study Plan

Even if students don’t have access to new coursework, they can take some time to become more familiar with their past work. Reviewing notes and old assignments for even a few minutes a day is a great way to make sure students can pick up where they left off when school is back in session.

This is especially important as midterms approach. Any extra time spent studying can relieve some of the pressure associated with last-minute cramming. It’s all about confidence, and little bits of review here and there can help tremendously.


Use Free Online Websitestry online tutoring

There is a website for almost everything these days. Just so, there are tons of great sites that can help students learn more about the subjects they’re taking in school. To learn more about the best online options for students, check out this list of websites.

In addition to this list, Scholastic has just announced a new program to help keep kids engaged if we have to keep schools closed. To check out everything they have to offer, head over to their website here.


Try Online Tutoring

The best way to ensure that your student keeps up with their education is to seek the help of a tutor. Since many public spaces (including libraries) are at risk of closing, traditional face-to-face tutoring can be replaced with online tutoring.

At its core, online tutoring works the same way as regular tutoring. The only difference is that it can be done from the comfort of your own home. This makes it a perfect way to continue your student’s learning without risking the spread of COVID-19.

Tutoring…With a Twist* offers online tutoring for students all across Canada, and we’re happy to help with all ages and all subjects. Read on to find out how online tutoring can make a difference for you today.


  • Ensure Your Student Doesn’t Miss Out

Whenever schools are closed for prolonged periods of time, students often miss out on essential topics within their subjects. This is especially prevalent in high school. For example, a student will need to know all of the concepts of physics 11 in order to succeed in physics 12.

If students aren’t able to attend classes, they’ll miss out on these necessary parts of their courses. Fortunately, our online tutors are well versed in all subjects and can teach students what they need to know.


  • Go at Your Own Paceonline tutoring student

When school is in session, the curriculum stops for no one. If a student falls behind or wishes to spend more time on a topic they’re particularly interested in, the class moves on anyway. This can leave students feeling dissatisfied with and/or anxious about their studies.

Online tutoring provides students with an opportunity to move through the curriculum at a pace they’re comfortable with. This means they don’t have to deal with the stress of being left behind, and they can spend more time on the pieces that really matter to them.

Going at your own pace doesn’t necessarily mean taking things slower, either. Students who would like to get ahead can also learn at an accelerated pace. Our tutors are able to accommodate students of all abilities, and moving faster is certainly an option.


  • Form Deeper Connections

The one-on-one nature of online tutoring allows students to develop a more intimate knowledge of their subjects. They have the freedom to ask more questions and explore topics in greater detail than they can in the classroom.

As students proceed to ask questions, they start to gain the confidence to be curious in a low-pressure environment. This confidence is invaluable as students go forward with their studies, and it provides them with the means to pursue what they’re truly passionate about.


Try Online Tutoring Today

Even as COVID-19 threatens to keep schools closed, the world keeps on turning. It’s reassuring to have options in these trying times, and online tutoring provides a way for students to keep up with their studies.

If you think online tutoring is just what your child needs to succeed, make sure to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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