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Dhaval Deshmukh

Solving the Equation to Your Success!


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Pune University
  • Foreign Trade, Post Graduate Diploma, Pune University
  • Subject Matter Expert, Brainfuse Inc.

Dhaval began his career in education working as subject matter expert for tutoring and educational technology companies. He created innovative Physics e-learning content, bridging the gap between theory and practical understanding.

As a subject matter expert, Dhaval quickly realized his true calling lay in educating and inspiring the next generation. His fascination with the underlying principles behind the theories taught in conventional classrooms fuels his desire to impart knowledge to eager learners.

Dhaval is a dedicated and passionate teacher, driven by a genuine enthusiasm for nurturing young minds through helping learners understand core concepts and excel in problem-solving. His teaching approach emphasizes clarity through real-life examples and tailoring his methods to each learner’s unique needs. He has a track record of assisting thousands of learners, all of whom have shown remarkable improvements in their academic performance.

Drawing from his extensive experience, with a professional tenure spanning over 12 years, Dhaval excels in identifying and addressing common misconceptions that learners may encounter in their studies. Furthermore, he believes in the tutor’s role as a motivator, fostering a sense of purpose in learners and helping them envision the importance of mastering these subjects in their future studies and careers. He recognizes the transformative power of motivation when paired with effective learning techniques, believing that such a combination can work wonders!

Dhaval also embraces the role of a personalized coach, imparting not only subject knowledge but also offering valuable insights into the significance of learning topics and their practical applications in future studies and professions. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he frequently provides career guidance to learners, helping them chart their educational paths and career journeys.

Dhaval’s teaching prowess extends across an array of subjects and courses, ranging from high school Physics and Mathematics to advanced topics like Calculus, AP/IB Physics. He has tutored students from around the globe, gaining an impressive 7000+ hours of online tutoring experience over the past decade. Dhaval’s expertise in various teaching platforms and technologies makes him a seasoned mentor for modern-day learners.

Whether you seek support in Physics, Mathematics, or related subjects, Dhaval’s dedication, experience, and passion for education make him an invaluable guide on your academic journey. Welcome to the Twisted Team Dhaval!

Dhaval’s Learning Style Score:

  • Visual 10
  • Aural 8
  • Kinesthetic 9

Some of his Favourite Things…

Favourite Movie:
The Pursuit of Happiness


Favourite Book:
Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl 


Favourite Quote:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


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In Dhaval's own words:"The learning philosophy of The Twist aligns with my style of tutoring & teaching. The Twist means instilling life skills to empower learners for life and/or further studis.
As important it is to understand, it is equally important to be able to express your ideas. Learning is an art, just as teaching is!"