homework help on vancouver island

Homework Help on Vancouver Island

Once you’ve had your fill of fighting the homework battle, it’s time to look for assistance from the outside. To start, there are plenty of free online resources worth checking out, including Math help videos on YouTube. For a more personalized experience, there are lots of great tutors offering homework help on Vancouver Island.

Reddit Homework Helphomework help on vancouver island reddit

r/HomeworkHelp allows students to post pictures of their school assignments (all subjects are allowed) and ask for homework help from the Reddit community. Other users are free to comment on the post and offer suggestions, most of which are helpful.

The rules of r/HomeworkHelp specify that students can’t ask users to “do it for them,” so responses from the community will aim to point students in the right direction instead of simply providing the answer. This helps students build independence as they work out the problem for themselves after receiving a bit of a hint.

The downside to r/HomeworkHelp is that there are no guarantees. A student’s post might not receive replies in a timely manner, so it’s not an optimal option for urgent homework help. Additionally, commenters aren’t guaranteed to have any level of expertise in the subject matter, so their homework help might not be all that helpful.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy features high-quality educational content for all ages and grade levels. Their lessons are multi-modal—students can follow along with instructional videos and/or text-based lessons. Each lesson comes with practice questions so students can check their understanding in real time.

Students can use the lessons on Khan Academy to build their skills and apply those skills to their own homework. In this way the lessons provide indirect homework help. If students need more focused help with a particular problem, they can leave a question in the comments section beneath the appropriate lesson. For example, if a student needs help with a tough trigonometry problem, they can navigate to the trigonometry lessons and leave a question for other users to answer.

Khan Academy gives students most of the tools to complete their homework on their own, which is great for building independence. However, it won’t provide immediate and focused homework help for specific questions.

Photomathhomework help on vancouver island photomath

If you have access to a smartphone, Photomath is an invaluable tool. Simply take a picture of any Math problem, be it in a textbook, on a worksheet, or handwritten, and it will solve it immediately! Not only does Photomath provide the correct answers to all kinds of Math questions (even word problems!), it also creates a list of easy-to-follow steps so students can learn exactly how it’s done.

For free Math homework help, Photomath is unmatched. It works for almost any problem, including algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus, although it does struggle with geometry questions. Unfortunately it’s only limited to Math problems and can’t help with Science, Social Studies, or English homework.

In-School Homework Help

Students can usually receive homework help from their teachers at school, either at lunch or after school. Most teachers offer extra homework help at least once a week, so check with your child’s teacher(s) to see what’s available.

Some schools also have homework help clubs your child can participate in. These might take place during school, in which case students will go to a designated classroom and receive help from educational assistants. There might also be afterschool homework clubs, so contact the school and find out. If your child’s school doesn’t have this sort of resource, feel free to suggest it!

Twisted Homework Help on Vancouver Islandhomework help on vancouver island tutoring

The best way to get specific, focused, and personalized homework help on Vancouver Island (and beyond!) is to work with a tutor. Working one on one with a tutor ensures that students can ask specific questions and receive the help they need immediately. Tutors can break things down and explain concepts in a variety of ways according to the way a student’s brain wants to learn.

A tutor won’t do a student’s homework for them; their job is to provide students with the tools and sense of empowerment necessary to tackle any kind of homework. As a student continues to work with a tutor, they will become more independent and develop the skills to complete their homework on their own. Tutors help students help themselves!

The twisted tutors at Tutoring…With A Twist are the best source of homework help on Vancouver Island. Our local tutors can provide homework help in any subject and take your child’s educational experience to the next level.

If you’d like to finally win the homework battle and get your child the homework help they need, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll set you up with a unique plan that works for your child as an individual and helps them build the confidence they need to succeed.


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