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Kevan Hudson

Everyday is a Learning Experience!

Subjects Taught:

  • English: Grades 1  – 12
  • English as a Second Language: Grades 1  – 12 & University
  • History/Social Studies: Grades 1  – 12
  • Professional Editing:  University


  • Bachelor of Education, Secondary Social Studies (University of British Columbia)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (University of British Columbia)
  • TESOL Global Certificate Program (Sookmyung Women’s University)
  • TKT Young Learners Certificate (Greystone College)
  • Band 4 Certificate (Cambridge English)

Kevan has lived in four countries: Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, and Switzerland. He lived in South Korea for just over fifteen wonderful years (2003 to 2019). He has traveled extensively to over twenty countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Since 2015, six countries that he thoroughly loved visiting were South Africa, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan. In every country, Kevan visits he has local friends (every continent except Antarctica) that make the trips fantastic and memorable. He pays this forward by being a friend to his students (see the circles in our Twisted Process!) so that their tutoring experiences are equally fantastic and memorable!

Kevan volunteers a fair amount in international and local organizations such as Amnesty International, Literacy Central Vancouver Island, and the Nanaimo Area and Land Trust (NALT). Kevan loves soccer. He has played with professional players and played against or with former members of the Men’s National Team. He also loves animals and the outdoors. Cycling, hiking, and walking bring great joy to him. An Anna’s Hummingbird lives in his parent’s garden, and bees love the garden sage from spring to fall. With so many different passions (See the litmus strip in our Twisted Process!), Kevan knows the importance of incorporating those interests into his learning endeavours, and he can help his students do the same.

Lastly, Kevan definitely loves teaching. He has over twenty-five years of experience working in Canada and South Korea as a teacher and a teaching volunteer. He worked in the Richmond School District from 1993 to 2002 teaching primarily History, Social Studies, and the General Education Diploma (GED). For fifteen years (2003 to 2019) he taught in South Korea, mostly working with Korean Elementary and Secondary Teachers at teacher training centers (eight years), and university students (seven years).

Now Kevan brings his love of learning and teaching to the tutoring sphere where his vast array of worldly experiences will help his students make the most of their educational opportunities.

ps: You can also catch Kevan on our YouTube channel reading The Lorax and Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, as well as demonstrating fun things like how to do Tongue Twisters!

Learning Style Scores:
Visual: 8
Auditory: 2
Kinesthetic: 10

Favourite Movies:
Terminator Series, James Bond Series, Monty Python Series

Kevan is looking forward to tutoring in the following subjects:

  • English: Grades 1  – 12
  • English as a Second Language: Grades 1  – 12 & University
  • History/Social Studies: Grades 1  – 12
  • Professional Editing:  University
In Kevan's own words:“The ‘Twist’ is the emphasis on life-skills based education. Self-motivation (intrinsic motivation) is one of the key skills to learning. Good study skills combined with intrinsic motivation leads to success. I look forward to being part of that success with your child!"