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Online Math Tutor Checklist

Many students are converting to online education, and that means many parents are looking for an online math tutor. How do you know which one to choose? We’ve made a list of the top 6 most important features your online math tutor needs to have.

6. Virtual Whiteboard

Math is a subject that students can master through repetition. That means it’s crucial for your online math tutor to provide students with an opportunity to practice. An interactive virtual whiteboard allows students to work alongside their tutor at the same time. This ensures they’re getting the practice they need.

Students can write their work on paper instead, but that means the tutor can’t see what they’re writing. Working on the virtual whiteboard is quicker, easier, and allows the tutor to make corrections in real time. Plus, why waste paper when you can write everything digitally? A well-equipped online math tutor can make math easy AND help save the planet—you can’t go wrong!

5. Downloadable Lessons and Notesonline math tutor notes

Online learning should be streamlined to make life easier for students. An online math tutor can facilitate this by providing access to each of their lessons after the session is over. Your child should be able to download the lessons and take them anywhere they carry their electronic device.

This also means students don’t need to write pages and pages of notes anymore. Of course, some students will find writing notes helpful, but that can be done online too! A good online math tutor can make everything available to students with the click of a button. Make sure yours can too!

4. Audio, Video, and Text Functions

Students find tutoring incredibly useful due to its one-on-one nature. They can ask questions they normally couldn’t ask in class, and they can spend more time on topics they need extra help with. There is a special bond between tutor and student, and we shouldn’t let distance get in the way of that. Your student’s online math tutor needs to make sure online tutoring looks and feels like in-person tutoring.

The best online math tutors use both audio and video to communicate with their students. Body language and voice can convey much more than text, and this helps students thrive. It’s important to have text as a backup in case of technical difficulties, but it shouldn’t be the default.

3. An Online Math Tutor Needs Colour!online math tutor colour

At Tutoring…With a Twist*, we use the VARK learning styles to help our students learn. The V in VARK stands for visual, and visual learners learn best when colours and graphics are involved. This means the best online math tutors should be using colour as often as possible.

Being an online math tutor makes incorporating colour easy. Technology puts the entire rainbow at their fingertips! Before you decide on an online math tutor, make sure they teach with colours and pictures. Your child will thank you!

2. Screensharing Capabilities

With the advent of alternative education, many students are receiving their schoolwork online. This allows them to complete all of their assignments without keeping track of a bunch of paperwork. Having everything online can make tutoring a little awkward—but it doesn’t have to!

Make sure to hire an online math tutor whose platform allows for screensharing. This way, your child’s tutor can see exactly what your child sees on their screen. That means they can quickly and efficiently work on the assignments together just like they would in person.

1. Custom Lessons Tailored to Your Childonline math tutor passions

Math is a lot more enjoyable when you know why you’re doing it. It’s even more enjoyable if you can incorporate the things you love. That’s why the best online math tutors create custom lessons for their students.

As part of the ‘twist,’ our twisted tutors form a deep connection with their students. This creates a bond of friendship that goes further than an ordinary student-teacher relationship. As they get to know their students, they can design unique lessons and methods that work just for them.

Kids have personalities, and we believe that their learning materials should reflect that. They can use trigonometry to design skateboard ramps, probability to predict how many goals their favourite sports star will score in a season, and fractions to bake some tasty treats!

If you’d like to learn more about how our process works, we encourage you to read all about the twist.

We Can Find Your Ideal Online Math Tutor

At Tutoring…With a Twist*, all of our online math tutors bring these top 6 features to the table. We believe in a fun and interactive tutoring experience for everyone, and that includes your child! If you would like us to match you up with the best online math tutor, don’t hesitate to contact us. You’ll be glad you did!

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