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Rhiannon Heim

Love to Learn!

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  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (Vancouver Island University)
  • Inclusive Education Graduate Diploma (Vancouver Island University)

Rhiannon grew up in rural Saskatchewan and eventually made the move to Vancouver Island to begin her post-secondary education journey. She began her schooling at North Island College in Courtenay and completed the final three years of her Bachelor’s of Elementary Education at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo. Since graduating from university in 2016, Rhiannon spent the first four years of her teaching career working on northern Vancouver Island, mostly in a remote school where she taught Grades 4-7 and also worked for one year as a Learning Assistance Teacher. During these years, Rhiannon got to see the beauty of collaboration as she joined the “circles” of multi-age learning groups and orchestrated project-based learning therein. (See the circles in our Twisted Process.)

From an early age, Rhiannon always loved to learn and enjoyed sharing her learning with others (and that passion has not faded!). She believes that learning should be fun, engaging, and tailored to each learner’s unique needs and that learning can take place in a variety of settings. As part of her university program, Rhiannon was fortunate enough to travel to Greece and Turkey where she had the pleasure of further studying Anthropology, English, and History while immersed in Mediterranean culture. With her experience, Rhiannon shows her students that they can hit their “targets” no matter where they currently are! (See the target in our Twisted Process.)

Rhiannon’s passion for learning comes with a deep understanding of the challenges and hard work that necessarily accompany the acquisition of new skills. In light of this, she strives to help struggling learners overcome their fears and develop a love of learning so they can meet each new obstacle with a smile on their faces. (See the smiley face in our Twisted Process.) With this level of confidence in themselves, Rhiannon’s students naturally develop the resiliency needed to face the most arduous challenges in life, both in school and otherwise. The twist is all about building life skills!

Outside of education, Rhiannon’s proudest accomplishment is being a mother to twin girls. Being a mother has helped her to further develop the traits of showing compassion, patience, and understanding, all of which she brings forth in her teaching. When Rhiannon isn’t learning or teaching, she most enjoys spending time with family, hiking, camping, singing, playing piano, traveling, and cooking.

Not only is Rhiannon one of our sought-after Twisted Tutors, but she’s also leading our initial meetings as one of our Academic Advisors. We are fortunate to have someone with such caliber lend her expertise to our agency and in turn, our Twisted Families!


Learning Style Scores
Visual: 5
Auditory: 5
Kinesthetic: 12

Favourite TV Show:
Stranger Things

Rhiannon can Twistedly Tutor in the following areas:

In Rhiannon's own words:"My understanding of The Twist is that it represents more than just tutoring and teaching a skill, but includes happiness and encouragement through learning, acknowledging challenges and growth, focusing on short and long term goals, communication with all members of the learner’s team, and never giving up. Everyone’s learning and growth journey is unique with various twists and turns, and I believe that it is essential for learners to have unconditional support and for learning to be cumulative."