Twisted Testimonials

Tutoring…With A Twist* has helped thousands of Twisted Learners over the years, and have worked with countless parents, guardians, educators, agencies, and other community members.  The greatest gesture that a former Twisted Parent, Twisted Learner or other Twisted Community Member can give us is sharing a story or some kind words about their experience with Tutoring…With A Twist* and allowing us to share their words.  We’ve collected a number of these stories and are happy to share these with you below!

(Comments are grouped by Twisted Parents, Twisted Learners, and Twisted Community.  Scroll down to read the testimonials that are most interesting to you!)

Here are some comments from our Twisted Parents…

My son has recently starting tutoring with Tutoring…With A Twist and it has been an entirely positive experience. I love that they took the time to get to know my son and our family in the initial planning meeting, and continue to adjust the lessons to his needs, instead of just forcing tired lesson plans. I’m also a big fan of the monthly invoicing, as we went with a big franchise tutor in the past who made us pre-pay over a thousand dollars upfront for a large block of hours before we even knew if tutoring would help. Tutoring…With A Twist just does such a good job of putting people first. Highly recommend!

Melissa Vasey, Parent Of A Twisted Student

hired Tutoring… with a twist based on the reviews I read. And they were so right! My son has such a good connection with his tutor, Chris, and actually enjoys doing Math and English because of him. I love the monthly updates on progress, and the owner got in touch with my son’s teacher so we know where the class is. Chris is very flexible and always keeps in touch to ensure he is in the right place at the right time.
I highly recommend Tutoring… With A twist.

Tara McFee, Parent Of A Twisted Student

We engaged a tutor to help with physics and pre-calculus. In our case it was a matter of helping review material that was being covered very quickly at school. We needed things to be explained more fully and presented in a new way, because sometimes learning styles don’t match the school teacher’s teaching style. The tutor was wonderful at all of this, helping to cover those bits missed during the week and hone in on problem areas we didn’t even know about. Engaging a tutor also helped us see the issues and set up a study schedule for the rest of the week that really worked. My child’s goal was to achieve an A and she did that with much hard work and guidance. Our greatest benefit was seeing her confidence return, along with her independence in the subjects.

Shannon Cowan, Parent of A Twisted Math Student

My daughter was struggling with reading, she transferred over from French Immersion to English for this very reason and was still struggling. We realized it was just a little delay but she needed some help.
We chose tutoring with a twist as it was recommended by friends, we couldn’t be happier that we enrolled our daughter!
Our daughter can read! After only attending about 2-3 sessions we saw such am improvement, I was actually shocked at how quickly learning in a different manner helped her reading improve.
Thank you!

Chelsea HallParent of a Twisted English Student

We were looking for someone to help motivate our child, which is a challenge. We hadn’t used a tutor before due to cost. We used this company as I had seen the owner’s, Amber Scotchburn, name before. They helped get our child on track, as our “Twisted Tutor” was lovely!! (Our Tutor was kind, supportive, fun, and even tolerated our annoying dogs!).
I totally trust the Tutor with our child, the company is easy to work with, and the report they supply allows you to track your child’s progress.
We will be using them again!!

Carolynne SchofieldParent of a Twisted Student

The problem I was trying to solve was to help my daughter Emily with her math. I wanted her to enjoy math and not be afraid to ask questions when she doesn’t understand something. I choose Tutoring With A Twist because they make it fun for my daughter to learn. My daughter was only getting 2/5 on her weekly math quizzes before she starting getting help in math. When my daughter had only been with the Twisted Tutor for about three weeks, we were super excited as she got an 88% on her math quiz! I would highly recommend Tutoring With A Twist for any child that is struggling in school.

Sheri TitusParent of a Twisted Math Student

We had previously avoided tutoring due to the potential costs, but decided that our 16-year old son needed help with organization, time management and prioritization before it was too late. Leaving it to him or trying to “nag” him into getting his work done wasn’t working for him or for us. We noticed a minivan with the Tutoring With a Twist logo outside the North End Library and decided to give it a go. The owner, Amber Scotchburn, is easy to deal with and the Twisted Tutor has quickly gained our son’s respect (which is not an easy task). Our Tutor is flexible with dates and times when necessary and has helped our son keep up with his schoolwork, and in fact he has also taken on extra classes through Learn at Home. It’s still a work in progress, but a huge improvement. We will be continuing with our Twisted Tutor through the summer to get a head start on next year.

Diane FrankcomParent of a Twisted High School Student

When we approached Tutoring With A Twist, it was to find help for our son who was struggling with both high school Math and English. We had investigated other tutoring agencies but felt they didn’t have the one-on-one more intimate approach that Tutoring With A Twist offers. As a busy, working, blended family, we found that we weren’t always able to dedicate the time to learning with our son and, quite frankly, we were also struggling with the content (it’s been a while since we’ve been in high school and things have certainly changed!). Tutoring With A Twist has been amazing in helping our son achieve his goals and in not only understanding the content, but in being comfortable with learning. Our Twisted Tutor is the perfect match to our son’s personality and learning style… we couldn’t have picked a better tutor to work alongside him! Tutoring With A Twist has definitely helped out our son with understanding his school work and as a side benefit, his confidence in his abilities has greatly improved.

Andrew HawkinsParent of a Twisted Student

I recommend Tutoring With A Twist to my friends and other parents at my kids’ school. My child has dyslexia and learning difficulties with math. She receives help with reading comprehension at the school but not with math. I choose Tutoring With A Twist because they had someone who specialized in learning difficulties. My child’s Tutor this year has kept her on track, has her progressing in math and creative writing each week. If she didn’t have the tutoring help in math, she wouldn’t be keeping up with the school curriculum. The best part is her Twisted Tutor makes it fun to learn, which keeps my daughter in focus and enjoying her tutoring sessions. I also appreciate how organized Tutoring With A Twist is beginning with setting up a plan and receiving monthly reports on what my daughter is working on and how she is progressing. Keeps me in the loop!

Sheri JacksonParent of a Twisted Math Student

My daughter was behind a couple grades in math and struggled to understand concepts and would become frustrated at times. We tried extra work at home and different methods recommended by teachers but nothing helped. I wasn’t initially sure if paying for a tutor would really help as there are so many that say they could but I’ve heard they don’t do much. Tutoring With A Twist uses a different approach to learning and with all their different tutors so I thought they might be able to help my daughter. After showing her their website she wanted to try. My daughter looks forward to seeing her tutor and she is able to work more independently in class and home. She doesn’t get as frustrated with things and thanks to her Twisted Tutor she has learned new problem-solving skills. The team members are awesome, so understanding and they not only help your child to understand but will work with you to help them too. My daughter’s Twisted Tutor always makes sure she understands and goes above and beyond to do so and to keep me involved and learn too. Her tutor, as I’m sure so do others, really do care whether your child succeeds not only with the actual course they need help with, but to have to confidence to do so later. I love the Twisted Reports they put out each month, so that you know where your child is at and if you have any questions they are awesome at answering them. If your child ever needs help with their schooling, I’d tell people you’d be a fool not to consult this agency.

Amie ClarkeParent of a Twisted Math Student

Here are some comments from our Twisted Learners…

It didn’t seem to matter that I needed one question explained to me in multiple ways. I knew that my Twisted Tutor felt it was her job to get me to understand it, not my fault for not understanding it. This made a BIG difference for my confidence.

TEMath High School Student

I’ve already recommended Tutoring…With A Twist to my friends because I can my Twisted Tutor really knows what she’s doing. In our first session, she taught me how to understand BEDMAS! Then, as we continued to work together, I felt comfortable also asking her for help with my writing. I’d say from this paragraph that my Twisted Tutor is doing a great job with that subject too!

OLMath & English High School Student

The Twisted Tutor develop a math dictionary for me. In all my years of school, a teacher had never explained the use of such a tool. It helped a lot because I didn’t always feel dependent on the teacher or the tutor, I felt like I could do the work myself.

AJHigh School Math & Science Student

Mistakes were explained to me in a way that I could understand and then, could improve upon. I don’t think of mistakes in a negative way anymore because I realized, with my Twisted Tutor’s help, that I could learn more from working though the mistake then I could had I gave up. I loved the knowledge that she brought to the sessions, as well as how flexible she was in her explanations.

CUGraduate Student, Thesis Writing Process

The tools that my Twisted Tutor, as well as the descriptions she gave me, helped me understand and even like math a little bit more.

MEHigh School Math Student

It didn’t matter if I needed something repeated over and over again, that was totally fine with my Twisted Tutor. Each time I asked a question, instead of being made to feel dumb or like I should just get it, I was made to feel confident and supported. Plus, she made always made it fun and related my work to things I was interested in.

NPHigh School Homeschooling Multi-Subject Student

My Twisted Tutor was fun. She also didn’t get mad at me or put me down if I don’t understand something. She also taught me a really neat trick with math to help me understand multiplication and division. I don’t want my tutor to change, she’s perfect as she is.

JMDElementary Math Student

My Twisted Tutor was understanding, supportive, nice and very experienced. She helped me organize ideas, review homework and was flexible in her explanations of all the topics I asked her about.

EPHigh School Math Student

My Twisted Tutor believed in me. She knew I could do it so then I knew I could do it. Also, she was fun which made learning fun. She also taught me that if I did the harder work first, I could reward myself with doing something I loved.

DFHomeschooled Elementary Multi-Subject Student

The Twisted Tutor went above and beyond as she made me practice questions and example sheets for all of my work. Then, she taught me how to make these so that I could be more of an independent learner. I eventually didn’t need her anymore because of this and that made me sad, as we really had built a great relationship. Although it made my parents happy because they didn’t have to pay for tutoring anymore!

AJHigh School Multi-Subject Student

Here are some comments from our Twisted Community of Educators…

It is wonderful to be part of Tutoring with a Twist! As a teacher I have the opportunity to work with diverse students at all levels. We tackle academics, as well as life skills, which means we build a meaningful relationship with each individual student. To further develop this relationship, Tutoring with a Twist has each student take an assessment to determine which way s/he learns best. I use a teaching method that suits the learner’s style of learning, this creates a tailored learning experience!

Lee Thomas, Twisted Tutor

Working for Tutoring…With a Twist is an absolute pleasure. As a Twisted Tutor, I have plenty of opportunities to work with a wide variety of students with varying needs and preferences. This allows me to develop myself as a professional while satisfying my passion for learning and teaching. The ‘twist’ promotes a deeper level of connection between me and my students, and this proves to be essential in achieving success. Our approach not only guarantees results within the classroom, but also in other areas of everyday life. I can see my students growing more confident and comfortable with each session, and it warms my heart to see their progress.

Chris Bordeleau, Twisted Tutor

Tutoring for Tutoring…With A Twist is an awesome experience…7 years have gone by bringing so many intrinsic rewards including the relationships formed with incredible learners, sharing their challenges and a continuing my own personal learning in the process!!
Originally, I had just planned tutoring as a ‘little something extra” to do in retirement. Wow… I think I now understand the phrase, “I have received more than I gave”. As I have helped children and adults in pursuit of their goals, I have so much praise to offer each and every student… especially when the small steps along the way may have been major hurdles. Being part of these journeys and passions has its own definitive rewards. Goals are not mere academic challenges and assignments; they require using one’s abilities and skills and, then, digging deeper to learn that we can all go further. The Twist is incorporating all that into something meaningful that helps the individual on their life journey.
No one could ask for a better employer… matching client and tutor, taking suggestions, offering advice, and remaining steadfast to her own goals. Amber Scotchburn, the owner and founder, is professional and understands the value of listening to her clients in order to create the best learning environment for each person. She takes care of the small details so the large picture takes shape!

Doreen SayerTwisted Tutor

I like that TWT doesn’t have a “one size fits all” approach to tutoring. I like that my skill set can be matched to a student who would benefit from it. This is what differentiates TWT from other tutoring agencies. That is why parents can trust us.

Gitanjai MitchellTwisted Tutor

I have had the experience of working under Ms. Scotchburn and I would like to share my experience. Ms. Scotchburn delivers a program that is individualized and avoids any type of boredom due to her creative format of the way she engages group members in the activities run. Her teaching style I found to be supportive, reflective and really challenged the participants to improve themselves. With this positive energy that she lathered the individual group members with she created a sense of success that all members felt that they could achieve. Ms. Scotchburn was a fantastic mentor and if you ever have the opportunity to engage in a focused group or a workshop with her I strongly encourage you to do so.

MichelleChild and Youth Worker

Amber’s expertise in career education was a definite asset to St. Joseph Secondary School. The students benefited from her enthusiasm and dedication to facilitating their development in self-discovery, career opportunities and future educational requirements. Amber brought a deep sense of caring to each and every student in her class and provided them with every opportunity to be successful, not only in her course but in life.

Amber was eventually selected to head up an alternative education program for expelled students within the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board that required someone with her expertise and initiative. She was extremely effective and was instrumental in the Alternative Education Program being successfully established and a huge success.

MargGuidance Department Head

Amber’s knowledge of group dynamics and games builds a strong sense of belonging where everyone feels safe!

My colleague, Amber Scotchburn, consistently set a high bar for our students in the ACE program. She believed that the students were capable of more then they knew and they came to realize this to be true!

Amber ensured that all students became knowledgeable about their learning style and provided opportunities for the classroom instruction to be differentiated in order to showcase more accurately the knowledge, skills of her students.

Involved, Inspired and Encouraged- this happens when Amber leads a group!

JeanCo-Founder Alternative Cooperative Experiential (ACE) Program

The school I work with has contracted tutors through Tutoring…With A Twist and they always exceed our expectations. Tutors are positive, adaptable, and willing to give a little bit extra. ASTC provides a monthly summary of services which is extremely helpful for programming and providing feedback to families and myself.

Thea MiscavishLearning Consultant

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