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Tutoring…With A Twist* has helped thousands of Twisted Learners over the years, and have worked with countless parents, guardians, educators, agencies, and other community members.  The greatest gesture that a former Twisted Parent, Twisted Learner or other Twisted Community Member can give us is sharing a story or some kind words about their experience with Tutoring…With A Twist* and allowing us to share their words.  We’ve collected a number of these stories and are happy to share these with you below!

(Comments are grouped by Twisted Parents, Twisted Learners, and Twisted Community.  Scroll down to read the testimonials that are most interesting to you!)

Here are some comments from our Twisted Parents…

Peace of mind… that is what Tutoring with a Twist has done for our family. We adults in our house are not the best at math, but wanted to give our 10 year old better tools that we had when it came to numbers. We are blessed to have found Amber and Erin. Our daughter is much more confident in her math skills, actually finishing her school work ahead of time and is awfully proud of herself. That sense of pride is what we wanted her to feel. It makes us feel fantastic too! Thanks Tutoring with a Twist.

Kimberly PlumleyParentLantzville

Here are some comments from our Twisted Learners…

Amber taught me so much about myself and showed me my strengths and built my confidence. Amber was a breath of fresh air for many students because she had a unique and effective way of getting students interested in learning. Amber’s encouragement made us all feel and believe that we could do anything we put our minds to.

Amber showed so much dedication and respect for all of her students. She went the extra mile to help each of us individually and genuinely cared about our future and wanted each and every one of us to be a success.

I thank Amber for helping me discover my path in life and for having such a positive impact on my life and the life of many others I know. No student was ever too much for Amber to handle, in fact she loved the challenge of helping the most difficult students become the best they could be. Amber is a caring, professional, energetic and genuine teacher.

Amber is the definition of what an ideal “teacher” and “leader” should be; strong, intelligent, professional, helpful and determined.

Thank you Amber for everything you have done for me, I greatly appreciate the role you had in helping me become the person I am today.

Jennifer CarreiroHigh School Student

Here are some comments from our Twisted Community of Educators…

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