The 5 Best Online Tutoring Sites for High School Students

high school studentsSometimes the lessons taught within the classroom simply don’t click with each individual student. Schools often teach using a method that only resonates with a handful of students while the rest are left to figure things out on their own. Fortunately, there are a wealth of online resources available to students who wish to supplement their learning from the comfort of their own homes. This post will outline the top 5 online tutoring sites for high school students.

5. TED-Ed

The TED organization has gained a massive following in recent years, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They offer a user-friendly platform filled with informative videos featuring colourful animation and professional narrators. Students are able to explore absolutely any topic they can imagine in a fun and interactive environment.

TED also offers long-form presentations more akin to university lectures for deeper reflection. Notable speakers include Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox, Bill Gates, David Cameron, and Bill Clinton to name a few.

TED-Ed is a free service that aims to stimulate learners through the use of enticing narratives and graphics. If you would like to learn more about TED-Ed, feel free to visit their website by clicking here.

4. Brilliant

online tutoring siteBrilliant provides math and science students with a variety of detailed lessons and practice questions to further their understanding of various concepts. When completing the practice questions, students can check their answers in real-time and receive in-depth explanations as to why their answers are correct or incorrect.

While Brilliant features many stimulating graphics and helpful notes for math and science, it has no resources for tutoring in English and Social Studies. It is a free service, but a paid subscription is required to access even more learning content. Still, students wishing to catch up or get ahead in their math and science classes will find many useful aids and real-world connections at the Brilliant website.

3. CK-12

CK-12 is an online learning platform spanning all subjects across all grade levels. It has each subject and its many subtopics organized in a way that is easy to navigate, and each lesson features a mixture of notes, videos, graphics, and interactive activities. CK-12 also offers its services in 6 different languages, so students and parents alike can explore the website and learn in the language they prefer.

CK-12 offers all of its services for free and has a comprehensive catalog of subjects available to all students. Its variety of content caters to visual, auditory, kinesthetic and read/write learners, making it a valuable resource for students who are looking to take their knowledge one step further. Visit the CK-12 website to start learning today!

2. Khan Academy

With millions of users worldwide, Khan Academy is perhaps the most popular online tutoring site. It features thousands of in-depth videos and lessons encompassing a wide range of subjects that have been translated into many different languages.

The lessons of Khan Academy have their basis primarily in informative videos, but there are also supplementary notes alongside. When students have finished their lessons, they can engage in practice assignments that test their knowledge. Uplifting messages empower students and give them the confidence to succeed in their studies.

Khan Academy is a free website available to students of all grade levels. It uses a points system to track a student’s mastery of each subject so they can see the progress they’ve made, further encouraging them to pursue their studies. Join millions of other learners and visit the Khan Academy website today!

1. Tutoring…With a Twist*

online tutoring with a twistAlthough free online tutoring services are great at providing accessible learning resources for students, they can’t create a true connection between teacher and student. Tutoring…With a Twist* offers an online tutoring service that will match your student with a tutor who will tailor each lesson specifically to their needs.

Our Twisted Tutors are well-versed in all subjects, and they know how to help your student attain a deeper level of understanding than can be achieved in a traditional classroom setting. Learning will become comfortable and enjoyable as the tutor builds rapport with your student, and your student will develop valuable life skills along the way. At Tutoring…With a Twist*, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey, so we strive to give each student the ability to confidently tackle any future endeavour.

Your student will participate in lessons that appeal to the learning style best suited to the way their brain likes to learn. Their tutor will also create unique lessons based on the things that truly interest them, allowing them to more easily form a connection to the subject matter. In this way, your student will begin to love learning and have lots of fun along the way.

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